Looking Ahead – options for getting involved

HUUF Events
Sun.Mar. 2512:30Growing Old Gracefully – open elder support group
Tues.Mar. 2710 a.m.‘Stoners’ – Memorial Garden Committee
Tues.Mar. 277 p.m.Open Soul Matters Group
Fri.Mar. 304 - 6 p.m.Andy Fisher – speaker on ‘Big Hunger’
Sun.Apr. 112:30 p.m.Social Action Committee meeting
Sun.Apr. 112:45 p.m.Religious Education committee meeting
Sat.Apr. 79 a.m.Worship Leader’s meeting
Sat.Apr. 72-4 p.m.Poor People’s Campaign presentation
Sat.Apr. 75-10:30 p.m. Dance Party – all welcome
Sun.Apr. 812:30 p.m.Social Action Committee meeting
Sun.Apr. 812:30 p.m.All HUUF Retreat Planning
Mon. Apr. 97 p.m.Newcomer Orientation, part 1
Tues.Apr. 1011 a.m.Membership Committee meeting
Tues.Apr. 105:30 p.m.HUUF Board of Trustee’s meeting
Sun.Apr. 1512:30 p.m.Social Action Brunch
Sun. Apr. 151:15 p.m.Sanctuary Initiative Workshop
Mon.Apr. 167 p.m.Roy Zimmerman Concert
Tues.Apr. 177 p.m.Open Women’s Group
Fri.Apr. 202 p.m.Caring Circle Happy Hour
Sat.Apr. 2112-3 p.m.Grounds work party
Mon.Apr. 237 p.m.Newcomer Orientation, part 2
Tues. Apr. 247 p.m.Open Soul Matters Group
Sat.May 59 a.m.Worship Leader’s meeting
Fr-SuAug. 3-5 HUUF All Fellowship Retreat
Sat. Oct. 5 - 9 p.m.Halloween Festival
Weekly Wed.7 p.m.Choir practice
Weekly Thurs. 7 p.m.Reflections – open discussion group in CARE building
Weekly Sun.10 - 10:45Children’s choir
Out of Area UU events
Fr-SuMar. 8-11District Women & Religion Retreat, “Sharing Light”
Fr-SuApr. 27-29UUA – Pacific Western Regional Conf. - Portland, Or.
We-SuJun. 20-24, 20182018 UUA General Assembly, Kansas City, Mo.
We-SuJun. 19-23, 20192019 UUA General Assembly Spokane, Wa.
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