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Information on How to Collaborate Online Using Google Apps

Here you can find some pointers on how to use our Google Apps account to collaborate within and between committees. There are many additional online resources available from the Google Apps help menu.

Here is a good video that gives a pretty thorough overview that lasts 17 minutes. Feel free to bring other links to the attention of our IT committee.

Start by logging in to google.com/a/huuf.org and look for the application you would like to use (usually, Email, Calendar or Docs). The login username is usually lower case of first letters of committee name (e.g. bu for Building Use). Please see the administrator to get a copy of your username and password if you don't already have it.

Simplified Steps to Collaborate on a Document

Notes on Organizing and Sharing Calendar Information

Here is a summarization of the event collaboration process. Each committee keeps its own calendar. The office administrator keeps building-wide event details on two calendars. The first is for the event time to notify the public. A second entry may be needed if the time the building must be open is different. For example, when the event holders must begin set up to the time they must clean up. As a committee user, you will be able to see these calendars by adding the office@huuf.org to your list of calendars.

If a committee wants to schedule an event in the building, they can contact the Office Administrator at 822-3793 or office@huuf.org 

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