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HUUF Communications Committee


The Communications Committee functions as an information channel to and from the congregation, community and denomination. 

HUUF Newsletter

We provide a monthly newsletter to all HUUF Members and friends.  Edited by long-time member, Stephen Sottong, the newsletter offers up-to-date information on activities and happenings at the Fellowship, as well as announcements from and to our membership.

Submission deadline is 5:00pm on the 20th of each month.  If you would like to submit an article or advertisement to the newsletter, please contact our editor at newsletter@huuf.org

If you are not a HUUF member, but would like to subscribe to our newsletter please contact the HUUF Administrator at (707) 822-3793 or office@huuf.org.

HUUF Event Publicity

We are also responsible for preparing and distributing information about the Fellowship and its activities to the public through the media.  If you are a HUUF member or friend and you have an event that needs to be publicized, please fill out the Media form below and submit to communications@huuf.org.

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