Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Endowment Fund

In 2005 our Endowment Fund was established, to be managed by an elected committee whose members are selected at the annual Fellowship meeting, are separate from the Fellowship Board, and serve for three years. Contributions to the Endowment Fund will mostly come from assets donated by members after their death, but may be made at any time. The donations will be preserved perpetually by investing them wisely, preserving the original principal, and using only the earnings for special purposes other than regular operations of the Fellowship. The projects to be funded will be chosen by the Endowment Fund Committee after consideration of suggestions from the Fellowship's members.

Contributions to the Endowment Fund differ from money pledged to fund our annual operating budget in several ways:
  1. The principal cannot be spent and only earnings are expended, thus allowing all gifts to carry out the Fund's purposes in perpetuity, year after year.
  2. Decisions on Fund investments and the uses made of earnings are determined by the Endowment Committee and not by the Fellowship's Board. This committee is directly responsible to the Membership and provides a report at the annual membership meeting, along with periodic reports to the Board.
  3. No funds will be spent by the Endowment Committee until sufficient capital has been accumulated to make expenditures reasonably worthwhile.
  4. The Fund's earnings will not be used for the Fellowship's general operating expenses but instead for purposes expressing the values of the Fellowship above and beyond the limitations of the budget. Such expenditures will represent in concept, if not in every detail, the suggestions of HUUF members that are made to the Endowment Committee.
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