RE Calendar

RE Calendar

April 1st: All Ages: Explore the pagan roots of Easter egg hunts, then join the search for hard boiled eggs and a few extra hidden surprises (even better than candy!)

April 8th: Preschool to 8th grade: Art Exploration: The youth will create visual pieces exploring the emergence of Spring with Cheryl Rau for our annual youth art exhibit, displayed in the Sanctuary in May. Teen group will meet.


April 15: Emergence of new life and ideas

Pre-2: Through a mindful walk on our beautiful grounds, we will hunt for signs of spring, then capture what we’ve found through artistic expressions.

3-8: What does it take for new life and new ideas to emerge? How can we nurture our intentions into the world?


April 22: Social Action Sunday

Pre-8: will cook for the night shelter.

Teen Group will meet.


April 29: Friendship Sunday. All ages will choose a fun activity or game indoors or out. Bring a favorite game to share.


Teen group: The teens will delve into spirituality exploring what that means to them. We will discuss current events as well as continue to have a movie night and con style worship.

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