Religious Edutation Calendar

October Calendar

October Soul Matters theme: Courage

October 1: Exploration: The Courage to Act in the Face of Fear

Preschool-2nd will name our fears and participate in a trust walk.

3-5 & 6-8 will create a group covenant and play courage tag.

October 8: All Worship: The Courage to Stand on the Side of Love

After reading I am Jazz a true story written by a transgender child, we will identify common gender roles named in the book, practice speaking our truth especially when it goes against gender norms, and practice supporting others when we recognize they are being mistreated.

October 15: Exploration: The Courage of Transformation

Preschool-2nd will read Grandfather Gandhi. In this story Gandhi's grandson tells the story of how his grandfather teaches him how to turn dankness into light. We will be relate this concept of light to the light of our chalice.

3-5 & 6-8 will transform our ideas into reality! We will choose 2-3 projects to implement this year. Basketball court? Chalice Labyrinth? Technology station? Come help us create a vision to guide our work together. Stay after service for a 15-20 min outdoor pick up game.

October 22: Service: The Courage to Give

Join us for our annual trip to Redwood Roots where we glean local produce to donate to Food for People.

October 29: Friendship: The Courage to Express Yourself

You are invited to Come dressed in your Halloween costume ready to play. Feel free to bring your favorite game or book to share.

Courage Book Recommendations:

Picture Books:

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun, the courage to bring the lunch you really want to eat.

Grandfather Gandhi, the courage to transform your anger.

I am Jazz, the courage to be yourself.

Heather has Two Mommies, the courage to be yourself.

Chapter Books: (Ages 9-adult)

Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. Two ostracized twelve year olds, Robert and Sistine, find a caged tiger in the misty Florida woods. As they contemplate what they should do, they each contemplate what to do with their caged feelings of loss and suffering.

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