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Religious Education for Children and Youth

Every Sunday morning at our 11:00 a.m. service, families gather to celebrate the first fifteen minutes of worship together. The service starts with music, the lighting of the chalice and a special story for the children presented by our RE Director or a minister or speaker for the day. The topic for the story is related to the topic for the day's services. Following the story the children leave with their teachers to go to their classes. Our religious education staff is composed of parents and fellowship members who are dedicated to providing varied and inspirational programs.



All ages gather together on the third Sunday of the month for All-Worship Sunday. First and second Sundays are curriculum Sundays. The fourth Sunday is usually Social Action Sunday where we go into the community to volunteer our services.

Our Youth Program is under the direction of our Youth Coordinator, and teens plan and initiate their own curriculum and social events. The program centers around a mentor/Coming of Age program that culminates with a special service in the Spring.

Throughout the year we have several intergenerational Sundays where families stay together for the entire service. There are also potlucks and social events including our annual Halloween Festival that entertained over 800 youngsters and their parents from the community last year, making our religious education, program a true "family affair." For more information contact Jillian Mooney, Director of Religious Education.


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