The Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has many opportunities to get connected and involved. While coming to Sunday services gives one a taste for our vibrant community, becoming involved in the various social and committee options allows one to get to know people on an individual basis. Friendships are formed. Insights are gained. A sense of accomplishment happens.

In addition to the options below, keep an eye on the Looking Ahead page and the green sheet insert in the Sunday Order of Service. NOTE: All meetings are at the Fellowship unless otherwise noted.

Congregational Life: Cluster #1

Membership Committee: Greets people on Sunday morning, providing name tags and pamphlets. Connects with newcomers. Organizes new member orientations and informational meetings. Maintains membership information. Being a greeter is a great way to start. Meets: second Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m. Contact Membership Chair.

Hospitality: Prepares coffee, etc for Sunday mornings and washes cups afterwards. New volunteers work alongside experienced people to learn the kitchen routine. Sign-up on Sundays.

Music: Musical opportunities abound. Adult Choir rehearsal is Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. All are invited. The
Children’s Choir meets weekly, Sunday from 10-10:45 a.m. in the Care Building.
The Family Drumming circle meets for month-long sessions from time-to-time late Wednesday afternoons. Check for schedule.

Worship Leaders: Along with the minister, plans and executes all Sunday services. Newcomers start as readers and receive assistance in learning to facilitate and plan well-rounded services. Ideas for services are explored. Meets: Last Saturday of each month at 9 a.m.

Earth Based Rituals: Plans and leads earth-based rituals. Meetings vary.

Caring Circle: Reaches out to members and friends in times of need. Sends cards, coordinates meals as needed, coordinates ride shares, visits hospitals and home bound. A great place to become involved. Chair: Nancy Engel

Communications: Publishes newsletter, maintains Facebook and website. Does press releases for HUUF events. Interested persons with skills in this area are needed.

Circle Dinners: Small dinner gatherings in people’s homes. Mostly for adults but some family gatherings do occur. Host provides main course. Guests bring side dishes. A great way to meet various people on an informal basis. Sign up on clipboard in foyer after services, Coordinator assigns people to various hosts each month. Plan to occasionally host, either at your home or another location.

Lunch Bunch: A social group that tries out local restaurants on the third Wednesday of each month.

Thursday Reflections: A weekly open discussion and support group. Members share facilitating the group. The group agrees on topics. Meets: Thursday at 7 p.m. in the CARE building.

Support Groups: There are several ongoing men, women, advance directive and dream groups. These are open from time and new groups are formed.

All Fellowship Activities: Varies from year to year. Each event has a planning committee and takes numerous persons to be involved at all levels. These range from potlucks, picnics, theatre parties to the big ones such as:
All Fellowship Retreat: First weekend in August at a local retreat center.
Women’s Retreats: Both one day and weekend. Dates Vary.
Halloween Festival: A magical series of skits for the entire community to which children of all ages are led through our grounds by Guiding Lights all dressed in white. This involves the entire congregation. A Saturday evening in late October.

Religious Education (RE): Cluster #2

Children’s Religious Education: Paid staff combine with Fellowship volunteers to plan and hold religious education classes for all ages at 11 a.m. Director of Religious Education Therese FitzMaurice.

Children’s Religious Education Committee: The guiding force behind the children’s religious education programs. Also plans various family events such as Parent’s Night Out, Taco Fiesta, etc. Meets third Sunday at 12:45 p.m.

OWL (Our Whole Lives): OWL uses various, age-appropriate, UUA, sex-education curriculums that are presented by highly trained volunteers. Sessions last for several weeks. Different age levels are presented each year. Newcomers and community members can be participants.

Adult RE: Various and classes and/or seminars are presented throughout the year. Persons wanting to present a class must clear it with the coordinator. All are invited to attend the events. Some are led by our minister, others by community and/or HUUF members.

Soul Matters: Several small groups meet monthly to discuss the ‘Soul Matters topic of the month.’ Each year new groups are formed. Some are family groups. Throughout the year, newcomers are invited to the Open Soul Matters Group which meets with the minister on the second Thursday at 11 a.m.

Building & Grounds: Cluster # 3

Buildings: Maintains Fellowship buildings and infrastructure. Does and/or coordinates periodic maintenance. Coordinates all-fellowship work parties to wash windows, paint, pressure wash the buildings, etc. Knowledgeable volunteers greatly appreciated. Contact:

Grounds: Plans and maintains all the gardens of the Fellowship. Planting, pruning, weeding, etc. Coordinates the mowing of the grounds. Volunteer work parties on the first and third Saturdays from 1 to 3:30 p.m.Kitchen Crew

Kitchen: Organizes kitchen and pantry. Decides kitchen policies. Buys kitchen supplies.

Sound System: We have a state of the art system with assisted hearing capabilities. Expertise in recording services is welcome. Contact the office

Aesthetics: Arranges and hangs art shows. Makes decisions about the aesthetics of furnishings, arrangement, bulletin boards, Chair: Cheryl Rau

Social Justice: Cluster # 4

SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE (SAC): Decides which community organizations are recipients of our social action offering [third Sunday]. Sponsors informational gatherings about community events and issues. Assists in implementing UUA general assembly resolutions. Mobilizes the congregation to act. Meets first Sunday at 12:30 p.m.
Examples of the Social Action Committee’s activities include:

  • participating in the annual PRIDE parade and festival
  • monthly Social Action Brunches and sharings of that Sunday’s offering which benefit local nonprofit organizations
  • meals for the Arcata Night Shelter, prepared by individuals and by the Fellowship’s Religious Education program
  • coffee sales after Sunday services to assist a Nicaraguan student continue their studies
  • annual Guest at Your Table donations to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
  • a series on racism and understanding white privilege
  • marches with our Fellowship banner and other participation in public issues
  • meetings to review and discuss readings.

Anyone may volunteer to be a member of the Social Action Committee by contacting Maureen Lawlor, the Social Action Committee chairperson, or by attending one of the meetings of the committee, following the service on the first Sunday of the month. You need not be a member of the Fellowship to participate in committee activities.

Social Action Brunches: third Sunday on the month after services. Money raised for $5 brunch goes towards monthly community organization. Volunteers to bring food appreciated.

Selling fair Trade coffee & chocolate: Money goes to support education of a Nicaraguan girl.

Tuesday dinners for the Arcata House shelter on Boyd Road: Fellowship volunteers take turns cooking for the shelter. Our congregations does every Tuesday evening, year round. Volunteers buy, prepare, cook and provide dinner for about 15 people.

True North: Interfaith regional network. Work on issues such as water rights, homelessness.

Social Action Cluster Report December 2018 or PDF version

Financial Strengthening: Cluster # 5

Finance: Oversees and/or conducts accounting, bookkeeping, budget development and monitoring, financial and cash management for the fellowship. Solicits necessary budget requests. Keeps Board of Trustees appraised of budgetary issues.

Stewardship: Plans and conducts the annual pledge drive [in March and April]. Prepares literature for the pledge drive, organizes events, and trains canvassers.

Endowment: Elected by congregation and reports directly to BOT and congregation. Manages the endowment investments and decides appropriate uses for endowment earnings.

The Endowment Committee is also committed to supporting Fellowship members with Small Grants that are available for things such as; Buildings and grounds (improvements, not regular maintenance), Religious education enhancements, Community service investments and actions, and Membership leadership development. Click here to access the grant application: Application for small grants Form 2020 v2 and submit it by January 31, 2020

Fund Raising: Oversees the various fund raising events of the Fellowship. Solicits and vets ideas. This committee is being re-invented. Each fundraiser has their own sub-committee. Examples: Service Auction, Theatre parties, concerts, dinner parties.

Planned Giving: Solicits donations to the Fellowship [both for Endowment, special causes, or budgetary]. Planned giving includes legacy gifts as well as living donations. Promote annuities through UUA, and other donations.