Welcome to our congregation. Here are some of the opportunities we offer for you to get acquainted, make new friends, and participate more fully in the life of the Fellowship. You may call the contact person if you are interested in one of these activities. Read our monthly Newsletter for further information.Kitchen Crew

Sunday Mornings

  • Provide flowers.
  • Join the HUUF Choir.
  • Be a greeter.
  • Be a Service Facilitator or Producer.
  • Assist a teacher in the children’s Religious Education Program.
  • Help prepare coffee/tea and clean up.
  • Work in our library.
  • Provide snack for our youth at the 11:00 service. Sign up online.

Times Other Than Sunday Mornings

  • Committee Participation
  • Assist with a children’s or teen event.
  • Join the Caring Circle, contact Nancy Engel at <akindsoul@gmail.com>
  • Attend Circle Dinners. These are monthly potlucks held in our homes for around seven people. This is a chance to get acquainted and make new friends. Sign up in foyer after services.
  • Be a part of a phone tree to communicate important information to members.
  • Help with gardening.
  • Help with building maintenance.
  • Attend a Solstice or Equinox Celebration, led by our Fellowship Circle.
  • Help with a fundraising event such as a theater party, holiday boutique, or services auction.
  • Attend congregational meetings.