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Yurok Wisdom for a Changing World

Chris Peters is a traditional Yurok/Karuk man who has spent the last 45 years working to revitalize Yurok culture and ceremony. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Parliament for the World’s Religions, which mobilizes interfaith communities to take action on critical … read more.

Integrity: A Story of Theodore Parker

Rev. Theodore Parker is arguably the most well-known and quoted Unitarian Universalist minister who ever lived. His words and popular quotations would later inspire speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Kids These Days”

Rev. Anthony Johnson will focus upon our newest generation, those between the ages of 3 and 23, who we may choose to call “Kids These Days.” Most of these young folks are still too young to have had a significant impact on our society but … read more.

Cider Sunday

Cider Sunday is a tradition for the Sunday that falls after the holidays but before the beginning of the New Year. Please come with snacks and finger food to share. This will be an informal gathering: an opportunity to exchange our thoughts and memories, and … read more.

Miraculous Births from Around the World

We all know the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth. However, his is not the only story of a miraculous birth. Join us as we explore the birth stories of Buddha (Siddhartha), Confucius and several others.

Midwinter Magic

Join us as we explore the magical and often confusing season of winter holidays in this original mini-musical created by Cornelius Austin with the inspiration and support of Religious Education students and staff.

In this tale, our young protagonists question the shallow consumer culture of … read more.


Chalica is a unique Unitarian Universalist holiday that celebrates our guiding principles. During this seven-day holiday we light a candle each day for one of our principles, discuss and/or ponder its meaning and do some action to live out that principle. Come experience how each … read more.