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So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You

This will be the final service for Rev. Jessup as minister of the Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. In his remarks he will outline why it has “been good to know” the people in the congregation, what strengths he sees in them as they continue their … read more.

Fathers Talk about Faith

In this service, several fathers from the congregation will work with Rev. Jessup to talk about their own faith journeys and how they talk (or talked) about faith with their children. Faith is often something bigger than organized religion. It is often an open and … read more.

The Flower Communion

This Religious Education program will honor the end of the year with an intergenerational flower communion. Everyone is invited to bring a flower for our communal altar. During the service, all four R.E. groups will share highlights of their spiritual exploration. Senior Zoe Moore will … read more.

People Worth Remembering

NOTE: Start of Summer schedule. Only one service at 10:00 a.m.

In this Memorial Day service, the Rev. Bryan Jessup and Fred Maize will lead the congregation in thinking about people from the past who we find inspirational. Fred Maize will talk … read more.

Women and Faith

Amy Day, Ruth Broderick and Ann King will each discuss their own faith and how they talk, and have talked, with their children and grandchildren about it. To stand in the presence of life with those we love and talk about what is valuable and … read more.

Lifting Our Spirits with Song

Elisabeth Harrington and the Choir in collaboration with the Children’s Choir, and musicians from the congregation will be featured in this service, which will lift our spirits with song.

The Creative Invitation of Conscious Evolution

Today we will explore the historic relationship between the evolution of human consciousness and Unitarian Universalism over the past two centuries. This will lead us to an exploration of the relationships among evolution, adult development stages, and conscious evolution today and how all of this … read more.