Speaker: Rev. Anthony Johnson

“Kids These Days”

Rev. Anthony Johnson will focus upon our newest generation, those between the ages of 3 and 23, who we may choose to call “Kids These Days.” Most of these young folks are still too young to have had a significant impact on our society but … read more.

African Indigenous Spirituality

In the creation of our Beloved Community this sermon will ask: What contributions does the ancient spiritual wisdom of Africa have to offer at this time? Indigenous African Spirituality differs from what we in the West may refer to as “religion.” There is no fixed … read more.

The Arc of Harvey

Patriarchy may be defined as the rule of systems and societies by male supremacy in all political, moral and cultural authority. Patriarchy is the abuse of power based upon gender. It has been around, in between and on top for a very long time. Our … read more.

What is Soul?

Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to the Soul as “the wise silence.” Lao Tzu called it the Tao. Plato called it the “good and the beautiful.” Aristotle called it “being.” In Zulu it’s called “Moya.” In Judaism some call it “Ein Sof,” that which is everything … read more.

Belonging to a Community

What does it mean to belong to a community? Well, asking for what you need is belonging to a community. Needing one another is belonging to a community. Sharing your gifts is belonging to a community. Sharing your weaknesses is belonging to a community.

Democracy vs. Republic

It is true that the word democracy is nowhere to be found in our Constitution or in the Declaration of Independence. Yet, we refer to our government as a democracy. As it turns out, our founders actually feared democratic rule. They preferred the word “republic.” … read more.

My Spiritual Journey

It is a long way from Mississippi to Chicago to Bayside. Our new minister, Anthony Johnson, will share his unique and vibrant spiritual journey as we welcome him to his first public sermon.