Multi-Generational Song Circle

Second Saturday of the month, next circle April 10th, 5:00-6:00pm

A joint offering from some of our beloved HUUF songsmiths, including:  Elisabeth Harrington, Bob Billstrom, Sandy Lynn & the Fitzmaurice Family, will be offering up a Song Circle for us all.  You can expect everything from folk songs to rock’n’roll covers to show tunes to sacred chants and other selections.  A chance to rekindle the joy that only music & fellowship can bring. Sing Along 

Join Us!



February Song Circle 

Musical Tabs Below

Give Yourself To Love chords – Sandy Lynn

Sweet Sorrow In The Wind – Sandy Lynn 

Eight Days a Week  chords – Sandy Lynn 

Magic Penny chords – Sandy Lynn 

Fly Me To The Moon – Sandy Lynn 


Janruary Song Circle 

Musical Tabs Below

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND – Scarlett Trippsmith