Soul Matters Family Practice (March): Wisdom

Consider adding some Creation Myths to your story time routine. One benefit of our UU Tradition is that we pool from many lineages to craft our narrative about important questions: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where have we gone astray? How we do make it right? What is our purpose here on Earth?

A few great resources are Four Corners of the Sky: Creation Stories and Cosmologies from Around the World by Steve Zeitlin or the beautiful In the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the World by Carolyn North and Adrienne Robinson. After you’ve sifted through several you like, you might even try penning one with your own family, selecting the forces that speak to you and crafting a story of your lineage.

March Calendar:

Preschool-K: with Scarlett Tripsmith

3/1: Planting Flowers Part 1: Each child will plant their own seed pod of wisdom.

3/8: Planting Flowers Part 2: Painting rocks, and locating space for a wisdom flower patch.

3/15: Planting Flowers Part 3: Transplant sprouted wisdom flowers, surround them with rocks.

1st-3rd Grade: with Trisha Saunders

3/1: Introduction to UU

3/8: Perspectives on being UU, with Rev. Anthony Johnson

3/15: Perspectives on being UU, with Allison O’Dowd

4th-8th Grade: with Caitlin Bair

3/1: Re-writing Greek and Roman misogynist Constellation Myths, Cassiopeia and Andromeda

3/8: Re-writing Greek and Roman misogynist Constellation Myths, The Pleiades, The 7 Sisters

3/15: Re-writing Greek and Roman misogynist Constellation Myths, Non-Western Stories

Teen Group:

Please contact Teen Director Kit Lynn for current offerings and outings @

All Ages Service Sunday

3/22: Our youth and parent volunteers are invited to help us prepare a meal for the Night Shelter.

Youth Choristers:

Please join us on 3/1, 3/8 and 3/15 – from 10-10:45 in the Multi-Purpose room for rehearsal. This month’s performance will be 3/15 at the 11:00 service. All ages are welcome, though we do ask that a parent stay with any children under 5.