Family Practice: One of the cornerstones of the UU faith is asking questions and seeking our own answers. What big questions have you asked your children? I am always stuck by their insights. If you do not have a UU hymnal, consider checking one out from the library, selecting daily or weekly readings at dinner or bedtime, then ask your children big questions and listen generously to nurture their curiosity.


May Sunday Program Schedule:

Youth Choristers final rehearsal and Performance will be on 5/4.


Preschool- K: 5/4: exploring the interdependent web of life through the plant cycle.

5/12: exploring families; the individual characteristics and differences that make us unique!
5/19: celebrate that we are UUs!


1st-3rd grade: 5/5: HSU Religious Studies Major Conner Austin will offer a beautiful contemplation of Race & Diversity in America.

5/12 – Love In Action — We will learn about Harriet Tubman, and how her pursuit of love and justice changed the world around her.
5/19 – Love Is the Golden Rule — Reflecting on all of the love sessions throughout our year, we will assemble a Golden Rule collage board together to embody our love education.


4th-8th grade: 5/5: Explore and practice the qualities of compassionate leadership as we prepare our contribution to the Flower Communion on June 2nd.

5/12:  Practice curiosity through collaborative challenges.  

5/19: Practice our segment for the Flower Communion.  


Teen Group 5/5: Explore the themes of transitions and endings with curiosity.

5/19: YRUUP conference in the Bay Area. Teens not attending the conference are invited to help our other youth group classes or enjoy an adult service.


All Ages:  5/26 Service Sunday: Cook dinner for the night shelter.  

June Program Schedule

6/2: End of the year celebration and Flower Communion.