Soul Matters Family Practice: Attention (November)

Discuss the definition of mindfulness. Brainstorm what tools do you have to channel your attention?  Explore one mindfulness practice together as a family to develop tools that will help you consciously direct your attention on purpose! One of our family favorites is listening to guided visualizations at bedtime. After much exploration, we have fallen in love with the tranquil voice of Leslie Hall and accompanying music of Anthony Hall. They have a free YouTube channel that offers an incredible array of tools, many of which are based on ancient meditation practices, framed in adult, teen or youth imagery.  A still image accompanies each audio recording. I’d encourage you to be sure no one watches the screen at bedtime as it is proven to disrupt sleep patterns. Simply listen!



November Calendar

Preschool-K with Scarlett Tripsmith

11/3: Dia de los Muertos observation walk, where we each collect nature items, recreate a drawing of a loved one, and synthesize a Day of the Dead altar .

11/10: Focusing on mindfulness and creating sacred space, by exploring nature and building fairy houses.

11/17: Japanese style TEA PARTY, exploring different herbal teas and their healing metaphysical and physical properties.



1st-3rd Grade with Cornelius Austin

11/3 – Intro to Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva & The Eight Limbs of Yoga

11/10 – Tales of Rama & Krishna/ kirtan for kids–music is meditation!

11/17 – Shakti means power!  The Mother Goddess tradition and intro to modern feminism



4th-8th with Caitlin Bair

11/3:  Just ‘joiking’. Exploring the musical form of the Sami, an indigenous Finno-Ugric people.

11/10: Working on our joiks — finding a person, place, or animal to sing about and exploring sound through vocalizations. Planning for the Solstice mini-musical.

11/17: Exploring the Sami livelihood– reindeer herding. Working on our joiks and practicing for the Solstice musical in December. 


Teen Group:

11/3: Focus on the soul matters theme, Attention, by learning about photography.

11/10: Opportunity to attend the service or help in RE

11/17: Is the youth conference weekend, and for anybody not at the con, the group will be exploring photography through a spiritual lens by turning the teen room into a giant camera obscura.

*Note: At some point this month, the group will be meeting with HUUF’s minister, Anthony Johnson, since the last meeting with him had to be postponed. Tune in for an email. 



All Ages Service Sunday

10/27: Learn about our ancestors as we steward our sacred memorial garden and grounds. 

11/24: Learn about the UUA Guest at our Table program and help make items for a fundraising bake sale after the service. Stay and help us sell the items if you’d like!


Youth Choristers 

Rehearsal the first three Sundays of the month from 10:00-10:45 in the multipurpose room with a performance on the third Sunday at the 11:00 service. All ages welcome, though we do ask an adult to stay with singers under 5.  Feel free to join at any time, but coming all three weeks will help them learn the song!



Young Adult Group: 

11/10 Soul Matters Meeting.

11/17 Regular Meeting 6-7pm

11/24 Regular Meeting 6-7pm

The YA group is a communal effort! If you are a young adult and have an idea of what we could do, or would just like more info, contact Kit at