Family Practice:

As a dinner time practice, contemplate the journey one piece of food took from seed to table. Thich Nhat Hanh offers a wonderful mindful eating contemplation to thank all of the people and resources that went into your food. Discuss the impacts of choosing local food vs. food from another region or continent. Consider reducing the environmental impact of your diet by making one small change as a family.

March Sunday Program Schedule:


K-2 OWL Class: continues in the Multipurpose room through 3/10.

Youth Choristers: Meet the first three Sundays of the month from 10:00-10:45 in the Multi-Purpose room. New members welcome any time.  Performance will be the third Sunday at the 11:00 service.


Preschool- K: 3/3: understanding our faith, Unitarian Universalism.

3/10: exploring our feelings.

3/13: putting our faith into action.


1st-3rd grade: 3/3 — Responding with Love: We will learn about how to return love in times do struggle and uncertainty

3/10 — Love on our Journey: How does our journey tie into our faith?

3/17 — Love In Action: We will look at people throughout history who have put their love to work, and how we can too.


4th-8th grade: 3/3 Parent volunteer/ bike mechanic Dave Larson will teach basic bike maintenance.

3/10- Explore how our journey affect the Earth and our human community. Choose a group social and/or environmental justice project.  

3/17- Continue work on our youth chosen group project.


3/24 All ages Service Sunday: Cook dinner for the night shelter.  


3/31 All ages Friendship Sunday: Come play or hang out with friends to make connections and have fun.


Teen Group: The teen group sure will be busy this month, starting with participating in the March 3rd service. There will also be our usual meetings (11am on the 1st and 3rd Sundays) as well has having a group retreat.