Our Youth and Family program is a cooperative comprised of community volunteers and paid staff.

Our Mission: The Religious Education Cooperative will offer an annual program that provides children and families love, support, community and experiences through which to explore and develop their own spiritual identity.

Our Objectives: Our Religious Education Cooperative will welcome and love all children and families. We will support children and families in developmentally appropriate ways as they:

Embody love and truth through a healthy and sustainable love of self, family, and the interconnected web of life by creating opportunities to:  

  • Interact with people who model UU principles through a committed spiritual practice or path;
  • Explore and participate in meaningful spiritual ritual and practices;
  • Develop an awareness of one’s authentic self; and
  • Clarify and develop a personal spiritual identity.

Develop an open, supportive religious community by creating opportunities to:

  • Weave meaningful relationships between children, families, and members of the local and national UU association;
  • Learn about UU principles, history and identity;
  • Develop knowledge of world religions with respect for all peoples; and
  • Learn how to treat people the way they would like to be treated.

Create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world by creating opportunities to:

  • Understand peace, justice and sustainability, and learn the history of work towards those ends;
  • Interact with people who model how to work for peace and justice;
  • Experience service to others and promote a passion for social justice; and
  • Create opportunities to be present with nature and its mysteries.