Monthly, we gather for intellectual stimulation, sharing and caring with each other.  Our reflection time is for 90 minutes. We utilize a theme-based resource packet for personal reflection that we receive a couple of weeks prior to meeting. We are encouraged to review the packet and to try out one of the suggested spiritual exercises prior to our circle meeting. In our circles, we co-create plentiful opportunities to explore themes like Balance, Emergence and Creativity, for example, out loud with friends. Each group has a facilitator or co-facilitators. Facilitator support and training is available.

Typically, reflection circles meet in a home. Our inter-generational family groups begin their meetings with a potluck meal, and socializing time.  The adults then gather for a 90-minute reflection circle time while the children continue to play or watch a movie based on the monthly theme.  We co-creatively come up with ways to support all ages of our beloved community during our time together. This is not work, our gathering, it is play. It is our co-creative endeavor. Soul Matters gatherings are fun and meaningful for all ages!

Please consider joining a Soul Matters Circle and/or being a Soul Matters Reflection Circle facilitator. Contact Rev. Jamal Tharp by email at or by phone at 707-296-4008 to join Soul Matters and to become a facilitator.

Rev. Jamal is a non-binary gendered person and their pronouns are they/them. Rev. Jamal is happy to answer any of your questions about Soul Matters Reflection Circles or about being a facilitator. They will endeavor to work with you to meet your need for where a circle meets and in terms of the time and day that suits you.

“We are here to abet creation and to witness to it, To notice each other’s beautiful face and complex nature So that creation need not play to an empty house.”  ~Annie Dillard