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This is space for older youth to come together and create their own community based on UU values. We work to create a space for youth empowerment, spiritual exploration, and the freedom of fun.     

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Teen Pastoral Care Hours Tuesday/Thursday  12:00 – 3:00 pm



In the Nursery of the Fellowship

Our Teen Director:Scarlett Trippsmith Scarlett Trippsmith is very happy to be coordinating the Teen Group for her first year. She grew up with UU ideals, traditions, and with stories from her mother who was once apart of LRY as a teen in the 1970s. Scarlett wants to inspire teens of all ages to be empowered to find a deeper connection to the work we do as UUs. Most of all Scarlett is a resource for our young teens to have someone to talk to who can relate, and give counsel when asked. She is always available for her teens.
Email : 
Zoom : 810 2531 7423 
Instagram:  @scarlettravynrose


Envisioning Our Way Forward!

In these tumultuous times where its difficult to get a clear view of the future ahead of us. We  the youth, who are filled with passions and ideas, with not enough time in the day to get it all done. Between zoom meetings, homework, chores, and some much needed down time, when can a teen possibly have time to save the world?

As youths, we are at an important tipping point. We are the ones helping to construct the ideas, patterns & changes that the world will need, in order to bring about Change in the years to come. This group, holds the potential to equip and empower the youth to do the work that is so very much needed right now. While providing the teens with a place of nourishment and inspiration inside their busy lives. 


Please Join Us ! Add to the conversation by sharing what shifts you would like to see in order to see us realize this potential.  We are open to changes of all shapes and sizes. All ideas and input are welcome. 

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