Speaker: Rev. Anthony Johnson

Color Him Father

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In celebration of Father’s Day, Rev. Anthony and Fellowship members will use songs, words and stories to delve into what it means to be a father. This exploration … read more.

Wisdom in Today’s World

What is wisdom? How does it differ from knowledge? Is the difference worth discerning? This sermon will explore the landscape of the difference between knowledge and wisdom and how that difference plays out in our modern world. Or, as in the words of Johnathan Jena, … read more.


As Unitarian Universalists we ask ourselves: How can we sustain ourselves as we resist divisiveness and hate? How can we stay strong for the fight? How can we remain resilient? This month we remind ourselves that being resilient is not a solo act. This month’s … read more.

One Thousand Miles to Freedom

This sermon will focus upon the true story of William and Ellen Craft, enslaved African-Americans who traveled “A Thousand Miles to Freedom,” and their relationship with Unitarian Universalist Theodore Parker. William and Ellen’s adventurous escape emanated from their natural desire to experience the love of … read more.

Integrity: A Story of Theodore Parker

Rev. Theodore Parker is arguably the most well-known and quoted Unitarian Universalist minister who ever lived. His words and popular quotations would later inspire speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.