Nov. 5-12th, 2021

“Love is the spirit of life and makes all things live”
~ James Freeman Clarke

James Freeman Clarke (April 8, 1810-June 8, 1888), an influential Unitarian minister, social reformer, popular author, scholar, and institutionalist, founded and ministered to a new kind of Unitarian church and helped to expand the identity, scope, and influence of nineteenth-century Unitarianism. He was a pioneer in the field of comparative religion, as well as in educational reform. Although he is not now as well known as his friends Ralph Waldo Emerson and Theodore Parker, in his lifetime they were peers.



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Come Together to Warmly Welcome HUUF’s Newest Members:
Rick Marshall and Paul Boisvert 

Rick and Paul have been UU’s for 20 years, beginning in San Luis Obispo in 2001.  From there, they moved to Napa in 2008 and the Sierra Foothills in 2014.  Last December they moved to the coast and settled in McKinleyville, along with their cats, Mia and Pepper.
Rick and Paul officially signed the Fellowship membership book on October 28th, 2021. Learn more about them in our December monthly newsletter where their extended bio will appear.
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HUUF Multi-platform Services

 (in Person and on Zoom)
Sign ups are online for in-person HUUF Sundays.  
** If using the online sign up sheet does not work for you, simply contact the office via email or phone 707-822-3793 and I’ll reserve your seat for you!   

We highly prefer you to be vaccinated to attend in person services, if eligible to be vaccinated.
In -person seating is capped at 40 people. Any overflow will be offered foyer seating.

Please, visit the links below to reserve a spot or plan to join us on Zoom


 Really? I Never KnUU That 

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Join Us!  –(in person)
Sunday, November 7 at 11 a.m.

Courageous, compassionate characters people Unitarian Universalism’s inception and development as a progressive faith tradition. As part of November’s “Holding History” theme, this service will explore inspiring accounts of those who helped make UU-ism a tradition of inclusiveness, equality and comprehensive kindness.

  Climate Crisis 

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Join Us!  –(in person)
Sunday, November 14 at 11 a.m.

HUUF member John Schaefer will discuss how we can decide which big-picture climate crisis actions & policies to press for. He will talk about the proposed solutions and how to evaluate our options using MIT’s En-Roads online program. He will also delve into political action and into conquering despair.

To demonstrate the use of En-Roads, we will hold the hybrid service indoors, and attendees, including those on Zoom, can ask about the projected effect of specific options on future global temperatures. In-person attendance will be limited and is by reservation only.


Open Soul Matters
Sharing Circles

Join Rev. Peter Farriday on Wednesday, November 10th at 7PM on Zoom
Join Alison O’Dowd in person, on the HUUF campus Saturday, November 13th from 2-4pm  
for this month’s open group discussion on “Holding History”

*(childcare is available upon request for the in person meeting – contact DRLE, Amy Day )


Ongoing Street Outreach Program

During the October 24th “Be the Change” Service, we announced that HUUF will begin collecting your generous donations for the ongoing Street Outreach Program.
Please bring your donations to the HUUF campus during regular business hours or on Sunday.
The following items will be of immense help to those directly affected by the challenges of homelessness.
Feel free to contact the HUUF office or DLRE, Amy Day for more information. 

  • warm socks
  • gloves
  • hats
  • warm clothes
  • rain jackets/ponchos
  • tarps
  • first aid supplies (bandage wrap, gauze, rubbing alcohol, antiseptic)
  • wipes
  • menstrual products
  • snacks (packs of nuts, granola bars, canned fruit)

COP26 Rally- Global Day of Action for Climate Justice
Saturday November 6th, 1-2 pm 

On November 6th, 350 Humboldt, Climate Action Campaign of the Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Cooperation Humboldt, and allies are sponsoring an event called Global Day of Action for Climate Justice outside the Humboldt County Courthouse from 1-2pm. 

Thanks to Bridgette Garuti, Sylvia Shaw, and Margy Emerson, we hope to unfurl our new CAC banner out for its first big rally. 

This is part of a coordinated effort to bring movements together to build power for system change. World leaders are currently meeting in Glasgow at the global climate talks, COP26. The next two weeks are momentous for climate advocacy around the world. The decisions made at COP26 will shape how the governments respond (or not) to the climate crisis.

Here’s the link to the Facebook event page for more information.
We hope to see you there!



November’s highlighted “ACTION”  asks us to focus on:

Here’s a  few bright ideas to get you started on shifting your fossil fuel consumption:
  • Buy local to avoid transport costs (Lower your carbon footprint!)
  • Combine errands, appointments, and shopping to reduce trips in your car.

Sign ups for EverGreen: The Humboldt Climate Game

The draft of Humboldt’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) has recently been released, and citizen feedback is being sought.
We have the opportunity to learn about Humboldt’s CAP through Wendy Ring’s EverGreen: Humboldt climate game (HCG), and hence will be able to provide informed feedback. 

EverGreen: The HCG is a game that uses real numbers and shows players the relative costs, savings, and GHG reductions with different measures.  

350 Humboldt is co-sponsoring several online EverGreen games over the next 3 weeks. Here is the link to sign up for upcoming games. The “tickets” are free. 


An offering from UUs For a Just Economic Community
Stan Cox on How Much is Enough?
Thursday, November 11 at 5 PM PDT

The crises that collided in 2020—climatic disasters, the pandemic, economic breakdown, near-collapse of the U.S. food system, unconstrained police violence—all disproportionately impacted marginalized communities. Various legislative initiatives to end these crises, including the Green New Deal, contain some solid “New Deal” policies for economic and racial justice; however, the “Green” policies remain wholly inadequate. The crucial but missing piece is a fast-falling cap on quantities of oil, gas, and coal that can come out of the ground and into the  economy each year, reaching zero within 15 years. Adapting to the cap will require that sufficiency, equity and fairness, not economic growth, become U.S. society’s central aims.

Two ways to watch: 

Facebook Live:

For Zoom, please sign up for UUJEC’s email list and we’ll send you a link:

Elaboration on that last sentence is here in a recent cover story for YES:

  • Time to fall back! Remember to set your clocks back this Saturday night before going to bed. Daylight Saving Time concludes on Sunday Nov 7, at 2am. 
  • House/dog sitter needed: In Eureka – for two weeks in January or February contact Susan Brauner to inquire  707 497 6878
  • Fall in the Garden: Please join us THIS Saturday, November 6, from 10am-1pm for exercise, camaraderie and beautifying our landscape. We have all the tools for raking leaves around the building beds, pruning, mulching and weeding, we just need the willing volunteers. If it’s raining, we’ll postpone until the following Saturday. Let Val know you’re coming, if you know:; spontaneity is fine, too. Thanks for all your help!  ~ Your Grounds Committee
  • Minister’s schedule change: Due to an overlapping HUUF obligation on Thursday, November 11, Rev. Peter’s open office hours will begin at 2:45pm instead of 2:00pm.
  • COMING UP – Join Us: November 14 at 11:00 AM Sunday ServiceClimate Crisis *(Multi-platform! Both in-person and on Zoom)   *We are offering a max seating capacity of 40 people any overflow will be offered foyer seating , so sign up NOW on the websiteOR join each other on Zoom.  Zoom links are accessible on our website or HERE   the collection basket for this service will be split to support the work of our HUUF and the work of the UU@UN (UU Office at the UN). 
  • COMING UP – The next monthly Climate Action Campaign meeting is Sunday, Nov 14, at 1pm on Zoom.
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