The Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has many opportunities to get connected and involved. While coming to Sunday services gives one a taste for our vibrant community, becoming involved in the various social and committee options allows one to get to know people on an individual basis. Friendships are formed. Insights are gained. A sense of accomplishment happens.

In addition to the options below, keep an eye on the CALENDAR page


Some of our Ongoing Programs are in person or happening via Zoom. Feel free to contact us at  for more information

  • Soul Matters: Several small groups meet monthly to discuss the ‘Soul Matters topic of the month.’ Examples of topics: Wisdom, Inquiry, Invitation. Each year new groups are formed. Some are family groups. Throughout the year, newcomers are invited to the Open Soul Matters Groups
  • Fellowship Engagement Programs Various programs are offered to Fellowship members and friends. For example, Workshops; Special Events or Presenter led talks; Book conversation groups; Small group discussions;
  • OWL (Our Whole Lives): OWL uses various, age-appropriate, UUA sex-education curricula that are presented by highly trained volunteers. Sessions last for several weeks. Different age levels are presented each year. Newcomers and community members can participate.
  • Halloween Festival  A magical series of skits for the entire community in which children of all ages are led through our grounds by Guiding Lights all dressed in white. This involves the entire congregation. The Saturday evening in late October closest to Halloween.
  • All Fellowship Retreat The first weekend in August at a local retreat center. All members and friends of the Fellowship are invited.
  • Religious Exploration: Children
  • Religious Exploration: Tweens & Teens



Building and Grounds

Memorial Garden: Chair: Judy Rishel — Contact Judy via HUUF Office:

Building Maintenance Committee maintains, repairs and improves the building, appliances, furnishings, and systems on the HUUF campus. This includes planning routine and recurring maintenance, inspections and upkeep, preparing and updating annually a five year capital and improvement plan for the Board of Trustees consideration and direction, responding to failures and deficiencies, implementing energy efficiency and climate impact reduction measures, managing major construction and improvement projects, and addressing safety, security, accessibility and convenience issues.

Fundraising: Chair: Terry Uyeki — – Oversees major fundraising events of the Fellowship (those that will generate >$500). Serves as a clearing house for ideas that support the mission of this Fellowship while raising money.  Solicits and reviews proposed fundraising ideas submitted via form in the office or on-line at Each fundraiser has at least three members responsible for the fundraiser. Examples: Service Auction, Theatre parties, concerts, dinner parties.

Finance: Chair: David Harris — Contact David via HUUF Office: – Oversees and/or conducts accounting, bookkeeping, budget development and monitoring, financial and cash management for the fellowship. Solicits necessary budget requests. Keeps Board of Trustees appraised of budgetary issues.

Endowment: Chair: Cynthi Chason — Contact Cynthi via HUUF Office: – Elected by congregation and reports directly to Board of Trustees and congregation. Manages the endowment investments and decides appropriate uses for endowment earnings. The Endowment Committee is also committed to supporting Fellowship members with small grants that are available for things such as: buildings and grounds improvements; religious education enhancements; community service investments and actions; and membership leadership development. Grants already awarded for 2022. Next deadline for grants is January 31, 2023.

Planned Giving: Chair: Jeff Knapp —  – Solicits donations to the Fellowship for Endowment, special causes, or the annual budget. Planned giving includes legacy gifts as well as living donations. Promotes annuities through UUA, and other donations.

Canvass :  HUUF Office: office@huuf.orgPlans and conducts the annual pledge drive. Prepares literature for the pledge drive, organizes events, and trains canvassers.