Sheltering in Poems

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A number of Fellowship writers will share their poems written during these pandemic months. Out of the interactions and works of the HUUF Friday Afternoon Poets, the idea … read more.

Lingering effects of the 1493 Doctrine of Discovery

Shortly after Columbus returned to Spain, Pope Alexander VI issued the Papal Bull “Inter Caetera,” which came to be known as the Doctrine of Discovery. This decree justified Christian European explorers laying claim to lands and waterways they allegedly discovered. This ideology supported the dehumanization … read more.

The World Beyond

In the wake of 2020, many of us are asking: “How did we get here?” And yet, in our hearts, we know that the answer to that question lies in the very systems that our society is founded on: exploitation, extraction, manipulation and oppression. So … read more.

Deep Listening

In a world that honors pithy sound-bites, mega-platforms, and (shouting) talking heads, listening can be a radical act, even countercultural. What happens when we pause inside the noise and gain access to the still, small voice within? How does this practice shift our experience of … read more.

U.N. Sunday

This is United Nations Sunday. It celebrates the work of the U.N and our Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations (UU@UN). This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the U.N. The theme for this year’s celebration is “All In for Climate Justice: People, … read more.