All-Ages Potluck of Fun, Family and Food

Since we all will be creating our Fellowship future together, let’s start off with joyful experiences of simply sharing casual conversation, creative play, and delicious refreshments.

Bring a comfortable chair or blanket for sitting outside. Practice a favorite story/song/skit to perform or host a fun craft … read more.

The Future of Worship I

 This service will be the first in a three-part summer series. We will gather at HUUF and on Zoom for small-group discussions. This first discussion will explore Unitarian Universalism as an engaged spiritual tradition and what the spiritual source is at HUUF that helps you live … read more.

Know Thyself

The Myers-Briggs typology gives us insights into who we really are at a basic level. In our circle you will have an opportunity to learn more or validate who you are by taking a brief test to understand more about your strengths and weaknesses. You … read more.

What is Ministry?

Berti will lead a panel discussion about the various aspects of ministry. Select individuals will share what they have learned about ministry as well as what ministry actually is from both a spiritual and pragmatic perspective.


Join us in person (no sign up needed)

… read more.

Retreat plus Louisiana inspiration

Because of the All-Fellowship Retreat, there will be no service at HUUF

To inspire those who are unable to attend the retreat, a recorded service from the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge, La, is recommended. Titled “Happy Pride,” it was presented on June 12, and it can be … read more.

The Future of Worship III

The final discussion in our exploration of the Future of Worship will asks what elements of worship are essential.

It will also explore what innovations could we create together that would advance the Future of Worship.

Join us in person (no sign up needed)

… read more.

Inspiring books

 Debi and Laura will lead a discussion about the books that have inspired us this year. Please bring a book with a passage picked out that has inspired you. We will take turns listening and sharing as a congregation.

Join us in person (no … read more.