May Love be at the Center of All We Do

Any healthy organization periodically examines their core values, mission etc. to keep them current with today’s society. The Unitarian Universalist Association is in the process of re-defining our core Principles. The proposal includes the list of Principles morphing into a core set of values, centered in Love. Through-out the summer, various Sunday services will include … Continue reading May Love be at the Center of All We Do

Love and Justice

Our Unitarian Universalist values start with a core of love. Cornel West wrote that “justice is what love looks like in public.” We will create this service together. Those who wish, will be able to share for three minutes each about justice. Bring a story from your life, a short book excerpt, a short poem, … Continue reading Love and Justice

The Value of Generosity

Join us this summer for an open-mic discussion of our UU faith and values.  Bring a short (3 minutes or less) story, reflection, poem or song that tells a little bit about how this value operates and lives inside your heart and life.  And how you strive to embody it inside your day-to-day. If you … Continue reading The Value of Generosity

Pluralism – How do we honor our diversity AND have common ground?

Printed on some of our country’s money is the motto “E Pluribus Unum” – meaning ‘Out of Many -One’. This Sunday we will explore the concept of Pluralism. We celebrate that while we as UUs have differing beliefs, backgrounds, ideologies, what holds us together in our diversity is a common purpose, shared principles for living, … Continue reading Pluralism – How do we honor our diversity AND have common ground?

Life is Transformation

Come and explore the ways in which transformation plays out in our lives. Bring a book, a personal story, a poem, song, trinket, or something else that connects to you when you look at the role transformation plays in your life. Together we will build a shared understanding of what it means to value transformation. … Continue reading Life is Transformation