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subject line: date of the service in the
– (EX:  HUUF 4/25/2021) 
  • (OOS) Order Of Service due Tuesday prior to service directly to Scarlett Trippsmith
subject line: date & title of the service in the
– (EX:  OOS 4/25 It Takes Practice)


Order of Service GUIDE

Here is a basic order of service. please feel free to adapt as you see fit. This is not set in stone but meerly a guide to help you create the OOS.

04:00 – Gathering music 

02:00 – Welcome & Service Orientation.

05:00 – Chalice Lighting and Aspiration 

08:00 – Story For All Ages 

04:00 – Opening Hymn 

05:00 – Joys, Sorrows & Celebration & Moment of silence 

10:00 – Talking : Reading / offertory Intro

03:00 – Offertory.                                   

10:00 – Talking : Sermon, Break-out Rooms

04:00 – Closing hymn 

03:00 – Extinguish Chalice

02:00 – Go from Here in peace 

30:00 – Coffee hour 


Past OOS

Dance in the Desert, Bring Your Tambourine

Journeying to the Promised Land

The Case for Hope, a Commitment to the Future


Entering the Stillness

Stories of Christmas

Solstice – Returning to Ritual

Stillness and Movement

Other Resources 

Heart Songs & Circle Songs 

HUUF’s Multi-Generational Song Circle

Lea Morris Resources

HUUF Choir Hymns



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