Thank you for helping us keep the building clean and beautiful! Please take with you everything that was brought in for your event. When you will be the last person leaving the building after a meeting or event, be sure everything on this list has been done in the rooms that your group used. *An event cleaning service is recommended for large gatherings and available to you at an added cost of $150. The service provides detailed work such as cleaning the floors: sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the bathrooms, however the basic responsibilities of putting things away and trash are still up to the renter.

  Entry and Hallway

  • Sweep floors in foyer and hallway and the building entryway.
  • Move all furniture back to where you found it.


  • Leave wooden chairs clean and placed in the closed position in the alcove at the back of the Main Hall. To avoid marking walls, please do not lean chairs against walls, as they will stand on their own.
  • Leave metal chairs clean and stacked in the carts in the storage area in the Multi Purpose Room.
  • Dust mop the wood floor. Do not sweep with a broom. Do not wet mop.  Do not let any liquid remain on the floor for any length of time. Please spot clean spills as needed.


  • Sweep the floor. Mop if sticky. Broom and dust pan are in the custodian closet in the main hallway. Mop and bucket are located outside in the trash/recycling area.
  • Wash and dry the stove, all sinks, and all food preparation surfaces. This includes removing all food residue from the sinks.
  • Remove all kitchen trash. Trash bags are located on the shelf under the microwave.
  • Take recycling outside to the large blue bin. The same should be done with the food compost bucket if full.
  • Wash and dry all cookware, dishes, and utensils that you have used and return them to their assigned places. This includes coffee pots/percolators.
  • Do not leave any food or drink in the refrigerator or on the counters. Take all leftovers with you.
  • If there are containers and/or cookware for people to pick up later, wash it and stack it neatly beside the microwave. All other counter surfaces should be free of clutter.
  • If rags and towels are wet, hang them on faucets or drape them on counters to dry. If they are not too wet, all dirty linens need to go in the laundry bag hanging in the pantry.

Multi Purpose Room, Nursery, CARE Building and Teen Room

  • Sweep or vacuum floors if necessary.
  • Put away any equipment, toys, supplies you used.

Grounds and Parking Lot

  • Pick up all trash – paper, cigarettes, flowers, streamers, gift-wrap, cans and bottles.
  • Turn off all external lights including parking lot lights.


  • Make sure all lights are off internal and external.
  • Make sure all windows are closed and latched securely.
  • Make sure all external doors are locked both at the handle and at the deadbolt.