Israel and Palestine: Three Perspectives

We invite you to a dialogue with three panelists — Rabbi Bob Rottenberg: advocate for reason and compassionate, deep listening, Dan Shahin: Arcata Palestinian whose ancestral family migrated to Palestine in 1480, & Corazon: did human rights accompaniment work for Palestinian families under attack by Israeli settlers — on what is going on, past and present, followed by a Q and A. We’ll hold space for up to an hour for Q and A. We’ll ask for people to write their questions down. Panelists will then choose questions.

Panelists will answer:

  • How do you think we got here?

  • How am I doing with this current situation? How have I been able to take action or not? What am I doing? Are you having trouble taking action because it feels hopeless?

This event will not be a debate. We hold this space with love. We want people to leave the event with enough information to feel empowered that they can and should take action. That is our goal/prayer.

Panelist Bios:

Dan Shahin has lived in Arcata for over a decade and plans to live here forever. His family migrated to Palestine in the year 1480 and some remain there to this day. Dan is an atheist but believes in the existence of gods and their importance to humanity.

Rabbi Bob Rottenberg has served for close to 50 years as a voice of reason and compassion, working with Jewish communities and the community at large in rural New England, and now in Humboldt County. He is a participating Rabbi and member of Temple Beth El in Eureka, and a member of the Antisemitism Task Force. He is a leader of the True North Organizing Network,  and a member of the Humboldt Interfaith Fellowship. He  advocates for the importance of actually listening to one another, rather than trying to convince each other of anything, hence his deep caring about the impacts of speech, be it public or private.

Corazon, longtime activist, helped to co-found an international volunteer organization where volunteers worked as human rights accompaniment workers in Palestine, advocating for and standing in between when Palestinian families’ property and bodies were under attack by Israeli settlers.

Join us in-person or on Zoom