HUUF’s teen group is a space for older youth to come together and create their own community based on UU values. We work to create a space for youth empowerment, spiritual exploration, and the freedom of fun.

We meet regularly on the 1st and 3rd Sundays after HUUF’s second service at 12:45pm. Check the calendar or contact Kit (info below) to find out about other teen events!

Envisioning Our Way Forward!


As youth, we are at a deeply important precipice.  We are helping to construct the ideas, patterns & changes that the world will need to bring about in the years to come.  This group, if harnessed and catalyzed well, holds the potential to equip and empower us to do the work that is so very much needed right now.  Plus, provide us with a place of respite and inspiration inside our busy lives. 

Please join us to add to the conversation about what shifts you would like to see in order to see us realize this potential.  We are open to small changes &/or larger, structural ones, as well. All ideas and input are welcome. 

If you have ideas you would like to share, please feel free to share with Kit below:


Upcoming Conference dates:

Spirit Con 2020:  

WUUKY (summer camp): TBD

Summer Con 2020: Fri, Aug 7th, 7pm through Sun, Aug 9th 2pm

Fall Con 2020: Fri, Nov 13 7pm through Sun, Nov 15th 2pm



Young Adult Group: 

The young adult group will continue with Soul Matters, as well as discussing outreach and social action opportunities. Meeting times, dates and locations can change, so please contact Kit Lynn at to be added to the email list and keep up to date with all HUUF YA info.

You can also find our Facebook group: HUUF Young Adult Group

Our Teen Director:
Kit Lynn (they/them pronouns) is very happy to be coordinating the teen group for their second year. They grew up in HUUF, and found deep spiritual growth and understanding in the teen group and at YRUUP conferences, and strives to give all that forward to this generation of youth. To contact Kit with questions about the teen group, email them at
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