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My Ishmael -“Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to Save the world.” by Daniel Quinn 


Here are Six resources and toll-free numbers every Teenager should have:

(707)-269-7073 Open Door Teen Clinics (Local)

Humboldt’s Opens Door Teen Clinic provides FREE, confidential health care and education, and counseling to help young patients make healthy choices. Teen Clinic front desk is staffed by teenagers and provides care for patients up to 20 years old.Clinics are walk-in, but you can also call for a free confidential appointment with one of our Teen Clinic providers. Clinics offer: Birth control, Education about patient rights, Pregnancy testing and counseling & Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
Call Us Today! Humboldt: (707)-269-7073 | Del Norte: ((707) 465-6925|

1-866-488-7386 – The Trevor Helpline

This is a number to help those kids that are gay or troubled. They are a suicide prevention hotline that specializes in youth that are having issues with their sexuality or identity.

1-800-442-HOPE (4673) – National Hopeline Network

Suicide and depression are rampant in our world today and teens seem especially susceptible to the issues. This network can get them help and talk them through crisis. When a kid has nowhere to turn, that is when things escalate. Give them another option when things seem bleak. It could save their lives.

tell:+1-800-799-7233– Domestic Violence Helpline

Whether you have domestic violence issues in your home or not is irrelevant. If you’re is visiting a friend whose father secretly abuses that family, they need the help right? This is a good number for every teen to have. They can give them options and power when they feel the least hopeful.

1-800- 621-4000 – National Runaway Switchboard

Kids run away. Sometimes it is justified and sometimes it is because they are troubled. Whatever the case, they need someone to turn to. This is a wonderful resource that can put them in touch (secretly or otherwise) with their parents and possibly get them help they desperately need.

1-800-422-4453 – Child Abuse Hotline

Again, this is not about you or what happens under your roof necessarily. Every kid needs to know this number just in case. In many cases, the child abuse is happening outside the home. It could be an aunt or uncle, friend of the family or even a stranger.

These numbers are all about giving teens options. When we empower our youth with tools like this, we give them confidence and teach them to fight for themselves. Make out a card to fit in their wallet or purse and you never know what returns you might get on that five minute task.