Sunday Services

Sunday Services

Sunday, May 27 – 10 a.m. – Memorial Day, People and Events Worth Remembering – Rev. Bryan Jessup

What is it that makes people and events worth remembering on Memorial Day? Is it just good deeds and kindness, or do we also learn from monumental mistakes and tragic miscalculation? Might past errors teach us something about repentance and forgiveness? Might recovery from errors teach us something about hope?

June 3 – 10 a.m. only – What Does It Mean to Be a Member? – Rev. Bryan Jessup

In this service new members will be officially welcomed into the Fellowship and together we will explore the “Covenant” that binds members together. Created in 1989, the Humboldt UU Covenant calls members to support one another in their spiritual growth and to work together to “be the change” that they hope to see in the world.

June 10 – 10 a.m. only – Youth of Religious Education

This join the HUUF Religious Education classes as they present some of the things they have learned over the last year. The teen group will be leading the celebration, with special insight how UUism has enriched their lives.

June 17 – 10 a.m. only – Let’s Talk About Being Men Today

In this Father’s Day service, the Rev. Jessup, Dave Troxel and other men from the Fellowship will reflect on changing expectations for men in American society today. They will examine how certain parts of the old expectations damaged men as well as women and how those expectations limited men’s spiritual development. They will articulate some of their hopes for men in the future.

June 24 – 10 a.m. only – Faith in the Dark – Dave Troxel

The Summer Solstice marks the highest point in the Sun’s journey through the year and the start of the season of waning light and warmth. Although scarcely noticed in modern popular culture, this event was of profound importance to our agrarian ancestors and was observed with ritual and ceremony as a time to begin the harvest and prepare for darker and leaner days to come.

This service will consider the faith of these ancient peoples in their relationship with the cycles and seasons of the natural world, and how this faith is reflected and renewed in the shared values and beliefs of our beloved community. How does our faith support us, individually and together, at times when we are challenged to see the light shining beyond the darkness and beckoning us on? Stories of moving forward through personal doubt and troubled times will be shared by the voices of the Fellowship.