Climate Crisis

HUUF member John Schaefer will discuss how we can decide which big-picture climate crisis actions and policies to press for. He will talk about the proposed solutions and how to evaluate our options using MIT’s En-Roads online program. He will also delve into political action and into conquering despair.

To demonstrate the use of En-Roads, we will hold the hybrid service indoors, and attendees, including those on Zoom, can ask about the projected effect of specific options on future global temperatures. In-person attendance will be limited and is by reservation only.


           Climate Crisis Decisions   

                Nov. 14th, 2021 @ 11am

Gathering Music ~ “Prelude-Pastorale” by Lyadov – Annette Gurnee Hull

Welcome, Acknowledgements, and Inviting the Bell ~ Ann Kilby

Introduction, Chalice Lighting, and Aspiration ~ Ann Kilby

Reading ~ Ann Kilby

HUUF Choir sings “Keepers of the Earth”, by Joyce Poley –  Elisabeth Harrington directing

Story for All Ages“Every Breath We Take”  Ajmera & Browning   ~ Ann Kilby

Hum out the Children ~ “Go Now In Peace” – Annette Gurnee Hull

Joys and Concerns, Moment of Silence ~ Ann Kilby

“Greta and MIT Come to HUUF: Climate Crisis Decisions” ~ John Schaefer

Offertory Introduction ~ Sue Mossman, read by ~ Ann Kilby

Offertory***  “Pastorale, Op. 17, #2, by Lyadov ~ Annette Gurnee Hull

Solo hymn “When the Spirit Says Do” ~ Elisabeth Harrington

Closing Words and Benediction ~ Ann Kilby

Exiting Music: “Go from Here in Peace, Go in Love” ~ Annette Gurnee Hull