“The farmer… has the faith… through daily efforts, the harvest will come. And then one day, almost out of nowhere, it does.” ~ Robin Sharma



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~To the Beloved Community,
This quote (above) came to mind just now as I was sitting down to pen these words to you.  At the moment, I find myself two+ weeks into a mystery ailment that is sapping my ability to work (or play, or exercise, or concentrate, or PRODUCE, really) for any length of time.  So, in between recalcitrant bouts on the sofa, heaps of library books, and small ( and not so small) pity parties throughout the day, I google my way through it.
Maybe I’m one of the “breakthrough” cases of the delta variant finding its’ way into vaccinated bodies?  (A very recent test says, “Nope.”)
Should I have my thyroid checked or do whatever battery of tests is needed to try and detect Lyme’s?  (Scheduled.)
What does woo-woo guru Louise Hay have to say about chronic fatigue and it’s cousin maladies?  (Perhaps all I’m really in need of is a stellar affirmation each day!)
Green juice?
Chinese herbs?
Deep breathing exercises?
Check, check, check.
To no immediate avail.

On one of my slow, self-pitying walks through the forest, I toggle on over to a forgotten audio volume from teacher Tara Brach. She’s talking about the process of enlightenment undertaken by the Buddha. How he went to great lengths to root out his suffering: taking on strenuous ascetic practices, traveling afar, abandoning his former life and denying all pleasures of the body.  And yet it was only when he sat still beneath the mythic bodhi tree – no longer striving, searching, grasping – did he finally receive the awakening, and thus the deliverance he was sought.

Within the Judeo-Christian tradition, as well, there is a story of the prophet Elijah, deeply desirous to encounter the face and presence of the Divine. And he is led to a mountaintop wherein there comes, “a great and mighty wind”, followed by an earthquake, followed by a fire. And as he is assaulted by each new & great phenomenon, we are told that G-d is not in the wind, nor the earthquake, nor the fire. Finally, after these tremendous forces pass through, he hears “a still, small voice”.  And therein lies his appointment with the Sublime.

At these times (both in my individual life, but within the life of the larger Collective, as well) of great upheaval, the cultural imperative to grasp outwardly toward quick, facile & prescriptive solutions can be so alluring.
“Get me the hell out of this place – & fast!” our conditioning yells.
And yet the wise ones, both of myth and of history, compel us otherwise.

Sit beneath the bodhi tree.
Wait upon the still, small Voice.
Rest is not admitting defeat.
Unknowing is not blithe & willful ignorance.
Only the cup that has been emptied is the one that can once more be re-filled.
Sometimes we must be willing to STOP what we have been doing, in order to find the movement that will propel us forward into where we are called to be.

Next week marks the official arrival of our much anticipated minister, Rev. Peter Farriday. In addition to all the roles and spaces in which he’ll be taking up residence in the months to come, I imagine he’ll be occupying this spot, as well. Offering whatever stories, wisdom, inspiration and knowledge he has to give inside a container of his choosing.  And I am happy to cede this tiny, virtual post to him.

It has been an honor and a boon to sit inside this space with you all over the past year-and-a-half.  During the deep Unknowing.  During the tumult and the questioning and the doing whatever we needed to do to keep this beloved community intact.

I look forward to this next leg of the journey together, wherever it takes us.
I hold faith in my own body’s ability to heal & regenerate, given the time and resources it needs.
And I trust our ability, as a larger body –  of faith, love, conscience, hope.
May we continue to bravely and kindly hold space for one another, inside the struggle.
May we rest together atop the deep roots, beneath the generous shade of this communally-fed tree.
May we be willing to turn towards the still, small voices when they beckon. And follow where they lead.

in grace & gratitude,
Amy Day (she/her)
Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration, HUUF


OWL Returns!!!

We are so pleased to announce the return of the “Our Whole Lives” Human Sexuality program this coming fall!  Our team of facilitators has gathered and discussed what age groups we have the capacity to serve in the year to come.   We will be starting with a 4th-6th grade group this coming September, that will likely be on Monday afternoons, for a period of 6 consecutive weeks.
If you have a child you’d like to enroll in this age group (or one from another grade, you’d like to register your interest for), please fill out this Interest Form, so we can be in touch, and let you know when registration officially opens!

Fellowship Engagement Opportunities (Zoom and in-Person!)

HUUF Hybrid Services
(in Person and on Zoom)
Sign ups are online for in-person HUUF Sundays.
Please, visit the links below to reserve a spot or plan to join us on Zoom(click to reserve an in person seat)
Join Us!

Sunday, August 1 at 11 a.m.
Many names and cultures are associated with Lunasa, the first of several harvest festivals. This Lammas, Lughnasadh And The Midpoint Of Leo Season!earth-centered/pagan festival gives thanks for the first harvest, when summer vegetables overflow baskets and flowers are plentiful. The community will come together to honor the gods, goddesses and/or forces of nature that sustain life. This year we also celebrate re-emerging from a year of Covid isolation. This service will be a pagan ritual of story, songs, drumming, and chanting. *You may also join us on Zoom to watch the ceremony and participate in conversation.
(click to reserve an in person seat)
Join Us! 
Sunday, August 8 at 11 a.m.

Music is said to be the gateway to the heart. This is especially true when we are not passively taking in the artistic contributions of trained others, but rather adding our own, joyous and unrefined voices to the whole, creating something that is infinitely more vital than the sum of its parts.

Join Bob Billstrom, Maggie Moore, Sandy Lynn, The Fitzmaurice Family & others for this All Ages Song & Story Circle. We’ll explore the power of hymns, chants, spirituals, silly songs and pop standards to re-connect us to each other and the heart that sustains us all.

Arcata Bay String Quartet Plays for HUUF!
Come enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the HUUF patio and grounds while listening to the works of Beethoven, Brahms and Shostakovich as performed by the Arcata Bay String Quartet. The players, Karen Davy, Sherry Hansen, Cindy Moyer and Garrick Woods will share their talents with the community from 4 – 5:30 PM on Sunday August 1st. This is a benefit concert for HUUF with a suggested donation of $15 – Give what you can, no one will be turned away!
HUUF Poetry Group Continues
The HUUF Poetry Group, chaired by our beloved Pat McCutcheon, has been a valued engagement offering throughout our time of sheltering. Now, even with our sense of re-emergence into a slightly more normalized world, the Poetry group has decided to continue their weekly meet-ups via Zoom! You can join in each Friday at 2pm on ZOOM to share your poems. All levels of expertise are welcome. This is a judgment free, sharing and learning zone. All are welcome.
CLICK HERE to access ALL Engagement Links & Descriptions -ongoing & new

Climate Action Campaign

Exploring Renewable Energy Futures in Humboldt County

A dangerously hot summer shows we need to act quickly on climate change. If Humboldt County residents are to eliminate climate-changing fossil fuels from our energy mix, we’ll need more renewable energy for our homes and businesses.  Where will that come from?

Find the answer to that question at “Exploring Renewable Energy Futures in Humboldt County,” on Monday, August 9, at 7:00 p.m., on Zoom. Local energy researcher Amin Younes will look at how we can develop renewable electricity in Humboldt over the coming decade. Amin is a fellow at the Schatz Energy Research Center where he studies Humboldt’s offshore wind resource, options to improve our connection to the statewide grid, and other local energy issues.

This event is cosponsored by HUUF’s Climate Action Campaign, so we hope you’ll attend. Join the Zoom program by visiting 350 Humboldt’s Facebook page, or register directly at: 


Next CAC Meeting will be Sunday, August 8 on ZOOM
Join CAC for its monthly meeting following the Sunday Service
~ August 8 at 1 pm at this link ~
 Volunteer Opportunities: Intergenerational Spring Seminar
April 22-24, 2022 | New York City | Climate Justice & Displacement

Just a Few Days Left to Apply– Don’t miss this opportunity!
The UU@UN is accepting applications for youth (age 14-18) and adults to help plan our 2022 Seminar! The team will convene virtually starting in September to prepare for the April 2022 event expected to take place in NYC.
Youth Deans (application deadline extended!) serve as leaders of programming during the Seminar, working with the Planning Committee to create programs that are safe and inclusive for all. Youth Dean is a two-year position.
Youth and Adult Chaplains (apply by August 9) help create a caring environment rooted in UU faith through spiritual grounding opportunities and support for attendees.
Planning Committee Members (all ages: apply by August 9) craft the Seminar’s educational arc, plan worship and workshops, coordinate logistics, and more!

~ Virtual Green Sheet ~

  • Concert at HUUF Sunday, August 1st from 4-5:30: An afternoon concert at HUUF to benefit the future projects of HUUF. Take in the fresh air on the patio while listening to the delightful music of Karen Davy and the Arcata Bay String Quartet. $15 suggested donation – no one turned away. Bring your friends, this is a community event. 
  • Grab a Hoe and Join Us on August 7!:
  • We have lots of tools, and plenty of camaraderie, too, so join us for another Grounds Work Party, Saturday August 7 from 10am to 1pm. If you aren’t able to do the gardening, it would be wonderful to have help providing food and drink for the dedicated crew that shows up month after month. Drop Valerie an email if  you know you’re coming: polkaqueen@gmail.com. But come by, even if for an hour on the spur of the moment; we’re grateful!
Many thanks, your grounds committee
  • COMING UP – Join Us: August 8 at 11:00 AM  for next Sunday’s Service: *(Hybrid! Both in-person and on Zoom)  All-Ages Song and Story Circle:  For in-person HUUF Sundays, please, visit the link above to reserve your seat. *The Zoom link for this Service is accessible on our website
  • Save Paper- Submit your 2021/2021 fiscal pledge online!: It’s Easy.. just click HERE . Once you complete the form, click the submit button and your pledge promise will be received, recorded and tracked by the office.
CLICK HERE to Submit Green Sheet Items


Community member seeks space for her Tiny Home

Looking for a spot to park and live in my beautiful tiny house. Interested in renting, leasing or purchasing rural setting in the Arcata area.

Beth Lanzi
760 450 8376