“Our idea of happiness may be the very thing that is preventing us from being happy.”   ~Thich Nhat Hanh



~ A Call to Connection ~

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HUUF New Kitchen Use Policy Proposal

Please, take some time to consider this proposal and share your thoughts and support.
There will be two separate open meetings for discussion of this proposal offered before the final draft of this goes to the Board on December 14: 

  • Monday, December 6 at 1:00 PM, HUUF Multipurpose Room (in person)
  • Wednesday, December 8, 6 PM on Zoom: 

To the Beloved Community~

I hope these words find you well.
I’ve recently started reintegrating regular visits to an Acupuncturist/Naturopath into my world again. This lovely woman, who sees me out of her cozy, pine-ceilinged office right outside her home, and who gently peppers our conversation with things like, 
“This point is for strength and resolve.” 
“This one’s for clarity.”, 
“This point helps fortify the heart.” has become a welcome presence once more. 
As she treats me, we talk about the things she’s seeing in my body and the ways I can support my own healing, in addition to the loving care she provides. It turns out I have some chronic inflammation issues rearing their ugly head at the moment, and so we’ve sat down to strategize some dietary and lifestyle changes I can make to bring my being back into balance. 
And though, at times, I’m daunted by the shifts she’s asking me to make – alterations both mild and radical to my daily rhythms, routine, habits and comfort zones – I am reminded, also, that if nothing changes…… Nothing Changes. 

I can keep trudging forward, I suppose, grinding the axe of the familiar a layer deeper, hoping that some Deus ex Machina force or moment will save me from myself. 
Or I can turn towards the difficulty, as it were. 
Take a deep breath and the first few steps down an as yet unknown path, tentatively yet steadily walking myself into a new field of being. 

I sit with this metaphor as I contemplate the life of our Fellowship. 
As I look at the familiar forms of Sundays and children’s classrooms and singing and potluck-ing and all of the former ways in which we came together, which once seemed so immutable, fixed. And yet this gigantic fissure has transpired in our world. And the pieces – which once fit so seamlessly together – don’t connect in quite the same way anymore. 

Do the rituals available to us even feel relevant and useful to us in a post-pandemic world?

In a world which is changing, has irrevocably changed….
What changes do we, as a people of faith and persistence, need to make to meet the needs, tend the hearts, fortify the bodies, of this ruptured world?
The question before us is never whether or not change will come.  It will.  It has.  
But rather, to ask what part we choose to play in the re-shaping of our world.
How do we want our Beloved Community to shift to meet this moment?
What new rituals, practices, and commitments are we ready to make to conduit the healing that is needed at this time?

Thank you for engaging with these questions with me.
With one another.
Here’s to taking the life of this Fellowship in our hands and growing it 
into the next blessed Iteration we’re called to become. 

in grace & gratitude,
Amy Day (she/her)
Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration


Join me for a Cuppa’! 


Long before I knew how to pronounce the word, I have deeply resonated with the Danish notion of HYGGE
In a culture that finds endless ways for us to speed up I believe there is power in the slowing down. Creating containers for rest, replenishment and connection. 
For the next three Saturdays – December 4th, December 11th & December 18th @ 5-6:30 pm – I will be hosting an informal Zoom get together. Bring a warm mug of something tasty, and join me for a quick guided meditation or breath practice, sprinkled with some simple, therapeutic movement, and ending with some gently guided conversation about the ways we choose to nourish ourselves, our families, our congregation, and our community at this time. 
In order to maintain an intimate sharing space, I’m limiting participants to 8.
Please register ahead of time by following this link:
(Zoom and in-Person!)

HUUF Multi-platform Services

 (in Person and on Zoom)
Sign ups are online for in-person HUUF Sundays.  
** If using the online sign up sheet does not work for you, simply contact the office via email or phone 707-822-3793 and I’ll reserve your seat for you!   

We highly prefer you to be vaccinated to attend in person services, if eligible to be vaccinated.
In -person seating is capped at 40 people. Any overflow will be offered foyer seating.

Please, visit the links below to reserve a spot or plan to join us on Zoom

 Heart of Happiness 

(click below to reserve an in person seat)
Join Us!  – (in person)
Sunday, December 5th at 11 am.

The Dalai Lama teaches that people have a right to be happy, and that it’s good for both oneself and others. And as happiness isn’t one-size-fits-all, in this hyper-commercialized holiday season especially it helps to know some forms it can take—and which of these brings the deepest satisfactions. 


 Finding Joy in the Midst of Suffering

(click to reserve an in person seat)

Join Us!  – (in person)

Sunday, December 12th at 11 am.


As we face the inevitable pains in our everyday lives — as we counteract harm and oppression in the world — as we work to save the web of life and people on our planet, how do we not despair? How can we find a joy that sustains our inner vigor and brings us a sense of happiness?

Drawing on a conversation between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu where they discussed these very questions, Worship Leaders Ann Kilby and Bonnie MacGregor will re-enact some of their exchanges as they shared their wisdom, humor, and spiritual practices. 

Open Soul Matters Circles 

Join Rev. Peter Farriday for the monthly drop in Sharing Circle
on Zoom Wednesday December 8, at 7 pm
Join  Alison O’Dowd  for the monthly drop in-IN PERSON– Multi-generation  Sharing Circle on the HUUF Campus – Saturday December 11, from 2-4 pm
*Child care avail upon request, contact Amy Day, DLRE,  to arrange


Join this Engagement group on  Zoom
Next Meeting -December 9 @ 6 pm

Honoring Open Discussion & Deep Listening on a weekly chosen topic 
 – Each Thursday at 6PM-


Do you have a skill or idea for group exploration you’d like to share?

Our Fellowship Engagement Program is seeking new offerings!
You are invited to add to the health & vibrancy of our beloved community!  Please consider  facilitating a book group, discussion circle, or creative exploration. 
email to find out how!


Ongoing Street Outreach Program

HUUF will begin collecting your generous donations for the ongoing
Street Outreach Program. 
Please bring your donations to the HUUF campus 



warm socks,  gloves, hats, warm clothes,
rain jackets/ponchos, tarps,
first aid supplies (bandage wrap, gauze, rubbing alcohol, antiseptic), wipes, menstrual products
snacks (packs of nuts, granola bars, canned fruit)
Sending Love and Light
to our beloved Marianne Pennekamp

Marianne fell last Wednesday and fractured her atlas. She is now under hospice care and resting comfortably. She is surrounded by her loving family who are taking turns being by her side. Her son Peter would like to express gratitude to all of the HUUF community for the deep and loving relationships that have been built with Marianne over the years. At this time he feels it is best to keep the household as calm and quiet as possible and wishes that we all reflect on our last encounters with her and consider those as our precious goodbyes.
                                                                     HUUF CLIMATE ACTION CAMPAIGN 


 December’s highlighted “ACTION”  asks us to focus on: 
 Reducing the use of PLASTICS! 
This week, make one simple switch to help this growing problem:
Just say NO to buying products in plastic packaging. Opt for glass or no packaging at all. 
 Bring your own reusable containers to the bulk section. For example:  Choose the bulk peanut butter loaded into your own container or buy the prepackaged one that comes in a glass jar. Choose the unpackaged head of lettuce instead of the plastic tub of lettuce… and so on. 
It’s simple -The choice is YOURS! 
Let us know how you’re doing by emailing Margy Emerson at and she will report back in a later newsletter.
  • COMING UP – Join Us: December 12 at 11:00 AM Sunday ServiceFinding Joy in the Midst of Suffering *(Multi-platform! Both in-person and on Zoom)   *We are offering a max seating capacity of 40 people any overflow will be offered foyer seating , so sign up NOW on the websiteOR join each other on Zoom.  (Zoom links are accessible on our website or HERE)
  • Do YOU know of a good candidate? HUUF is seeking a new Tech hire to replace the irreplaceable Scarlett Trippsmith. Although we are taking the traditional route of placing “help wanted ads”, nothing beats a word of mouth recommendation! If you know of anyone who you think would be suitable for this part time position (6-10 hours weekly) please contact Board co-President Debi Cooper @
  • Freebies Anyone? Cena Marino has a few wonderful items to offer 1. FREE– Rainbow Vacuum. Water filter – great for allergies! Attachments included. 2. FREE– HP Color Printer – Uses cartridge ink. Includes 4 slat paper tray.   Call Cena Marino @ 616-3906 if interested