Tales of the Transrational

Date(s) - 06/04/2022
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

 Join “Tales of the Transrational” on June 4!

In May’s newsletter I described a Fellowship Engagement program, “Tales of the Transrational,” to be held on Saturday, June 4. It’s a chance to share examples of transrational (or transcendent, or mystical) experiences in our lives, and reflect on what they’ve meant to us. Or if you haven’t had such an experience (or aren’t sure) but are curious, to hear from others about theirs.

I also said that gathering in person would be subject to Covid conditions at the time. And since overall cases have risen again, and one HUUF family and a staff member recently contracted the virus, this will now be a strictly Zoom affair.

If held in person it was going to run from 2-5pm with a lengthy halfway break. But that’s a long time to be on Zoom, so it will still begin at 2pm but now run until 4pm instead. (Though depending on the number of participants and the overall energy it could go a little shorter or longer.)

Please register here, and I look forward to hearing your stories! ~ Rev Peter Farriday