We would love to hear from you if you didn’t have a chance to share your input at our group Future of Worship Discussions.

Please follow the links below to submit your responses to each of the three sets of questions.

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with us!


Future of Worship I


  • 1.  What aspects of Unitarian Universalism draws you to HUUF?
  • 2. What spiritual source is at HUUF that helps you live your life?
  • 3.  What does engaged spirituality mean to you? How does it look? What is one example from your life and what feelings do you notice related to the idea of engaged spirituality?

Future of Worship I Response Form


Future of Worship II


  • 1. What spiritual experiences at HUUF are meaningful to you?
    Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize a time that has meant a lot to you here? Where were you? Who was around you? What did it look like? How did you feel? Why was this moment and other moments at HUUF important to you?
  • 2. What is missing? Are there any experiences you’ve had in other communities or things you’ve read about that you wish could be integrated into your experience here at HUUF?
  • 3.What would you like to try differently? If you could wave a magic wand (if there were no barriers or limits to your ideas i.e. no money or time issues) what would you want to see, try, or add to our community?


Future of Worship II Response Form


Future of Worship III


  • 1. Looking at the Order of Service that has evolved as a regular Sunday
    service, what do you think is the purpose of these components?
    a. What is most essential?
    b. How would you change it to make it more lively or meaningful?
  • 2. Picture/imagine yourself up front doing part of a Sunday service?
    a. What are you doing?
    b. What would that feel like as you interact with the congregation?
  • 3. If you offered / or were invited to orchestrate a Sunday morning service,
    how would you set it all up: arrange the setting, choose the speakers, etc. to
    create the energy and experience you would like to provide the congregation?


Future of Worship III Response Form