Plastic Pollution More Serious Than You Think — What YOU Can Do


Maggie Gainer – PLASTIC POLLUTION Presentation

PLASTIC POLLUTION: More Serious Than You Think — What YOU Can Do

CAC and Zero Waste Humboldt (ZWH) are jointly sponsoring this ZOOM presentation by Maggie Gainer on Wednesday, April 13, 7 pm – 8 pm. Maggie Gainer, co-founder of ZWH and a nationally recognized environmental consultant and trainer, has had many years of experience with issues of waste management. In this webinar, we will learn about the harsh reality of plastic pollution in 2022, and how we can actively fight against it.

In preparation for Maggie Gainer’s webinar presentation. Maggie recommends that we view  PLASTIC WARS at
54 minutes (released March 2020). This PBS Frontline documentary reports the results of NPR journalist-researchers investigations on the fight against plastic pollution. About the film, Maggie says that it is eye-opening for most people who believed all the recycling hoopla.
~ Thank you Tracy Jordan French for organizing this presentation.