Sunday Services

Sunday, November 6 – 11 a.m. – Changes in our Religious Perspectives – Berti Welty

Because of the feedback received in our Future of Worship summer series, the Worship Leaders have decided that on the first Sunday of each month we will have discussions among the attendees designed to share the wisdom in each of us. This morning’s Wisdom Sharing discussion service will focus on this question: How have your personal beliefs and understanding of religion and/or spirituality changed during your life’s journey? After the introductory portions of the service, small groups will be formed, both in person and online.

Sunday, November 13 – 11 a.m. – Sharing Worship – Bonnie MacGregor, Ann Kilby, Amy Day, Debi Cooper, Marla West

Our worship leaders will share the themes and patterns that emerged from the summer congregational discussions about worship and the spiritual sources and experiences at the Fellowship – including Sunday services – that are meaningful, engaging, and uplifting. The service itself will play with, and incorporate ideas from, the congregational discussions and elicit ways for congregants to participate in creating future services as we re-invigorate our spiritual life as a community.

Sunday, November 20 – 11 a.m. – How We Give Thanks – Yurok elders

Every year during this season, we are confronted by the maelstrom of holidays (once “holy days”) represented in the dominant culture. Yet how are we to engage with these in a way that aligns with our UU values and faith? On this day, we will be honored by a visit of leaders from the Yurok tribe, who will share stories, perspectives, songs, and rituals that hold meaning to the indigenous way of giving thanks. They will encourage us to celebrate in a way that moves beyond the colonial narrative and into one of abundance for all.

Sunday, November 27 – 11 a.m. – Social Action Sunday

Join us for another opportunity to “let service be our prayer.” This past year, we have dedicated the fourth Sunday of each month to partner with a local like-minded organization, to roll up our sleeves and offer our time and energies in service of our values and the community we love. Dress comfortably, as we gather to move, be together, and embody our principles as one.