Sunday Services

Sunday, March 3 — 9 and 11 a.m. — Striving Toward a New Personal Norm for Our Climate — Connie Roser-Renouf, Ph.D.

As UUs, we are concerned about climate change because of its effects on future generations, those less privileged, and the interdependent web of existence. But we often don’t know what we can do. Our speaker is a researcher who has found that we may overlook an important action, as simple as talking about our concerns to others. She will discuss how to talk about the climate and why it works. After services we will host a “Climate Fair” on the deck or, if bad weather, in the foyer.

Sunday, March 10 — 9 and 11 a.m. — Celebrating Our History in Music – Pat McCutcheon, JoAnn Huffman, Berti Welty & Bob Billstrom

We will celebrate in music the journey the Fellowship has made from its beginnings in the Eureka Labor Temple to our current home and transition to a new minister. The 11 a.m. service will be followed by the Congregational Meeting.

Sunday, March 17 — 9 and 11 a.m. — Homelessness & HUUF’s New Homeless Policy — Rev. Bryan Jessup & Maureen Lawlor

Homelessness in the richest county in the history of the world is just one example of the ways in which our economic system does great injury to human beings and to the planet. Clearly this system needs to be adjusted to support people and to protect the Earth.

On a local level, many people are joining the effort to alleviate the suffering of those who find themselves unwanted and on the streets. Yet systemic change is also vital. In this service, opportunities for both social service and for advocacy for systemic change will be addressed.

Sunday, March 24 — 9 and 11 a.m. — Why OWL (Our Whole Lives Human Sexuality Education) Matters — Therese Fitzmaurice

Our Whole Lives (OWL): Lifespan Human Sexuality Education is a transformative program that the UUA continues to steward as it evolves with our collective consciousness. Therese Fitzmaurice, director of youth programming here at HUUF will offer her humble perspective on why this program matters as we work to empower youth and families, heal individuals, and co-create a culture that embraces sexuality as an essential foundation to a healthy, pleasurable life. As our culture struggles with how to respond to the revelations of the Vatican and the Me Too Movement, the OWL approach as prevention and holistic development seems a profound and practical contribution.

Sunday, March 31 — 9 and 11 a.m. — Canvass Sunday — Rev. Bryan Jessup and HUUF’s Stewardship Committee

The congregation has been the sole support of this religious community for more than 65 years. This year, as in the past, members and friends will be asked to contribute generously, as they are able, to support the Fellowship. For members and friends this is more than a duty. It is a pleasure and an honor. As members are blessed with financial resources, they bless the world around them by their financial contributions. As members are blessed with time, skills and abilities, they generously share those gifts as well. Come to this service and be inspired by all we can give and by how our gifts come back in ways greater than ever imagined.