Sunday Services

Sunday, April 3 – 11 a.m. – Don’t Worry, Be Guilty – The Rev. Tom Lewis

America has a reputation for being the most successful democratic system of governance in the history of human civilizations. Immigrants continue to stand in long lines for months and even years to enter this land of the “free” and “just.” However, two of the darkest moral blots on our history have been ignored for centuries and are unresolved: 1) The invasion, conquering and stealing of native people’s land, property and possessions; and 2) The kidnapping and forced migration of Africans to America to be bought and sold as property and forced into lifetime labor. How can we as UUs affect the beginning of a just reconciliation of these national moral wrongs?

Sunday, April 10 – 11 a.m. – Responding to the Aesthetic Call: Awakening the Artist Within –

Laura Phelan-Shahin and Pat McCutcheon

In this interactive hybrid service, Fellowship members Laura Phelan-Shahin and Pat McCutcheon will lead an exploration of “the aesthetic call.” Is there an artist within everyone? Is this something that everyone can awaken to? This service will break down the myth that art is only something that a few talented humans can do, explore how all are artists, and begin to find an infinite number of ways to express that “there is more, open that door.” This subject will be explored creatively through music and poetry.

Sunday, April 17 – 11 a.m. – Easter: Forgiveness as Resurrection – Bonnie MacGregor, Debi Cooper, JoAnn Huffman, Rev. Peter Farriday

The traditional Christian story says God sent Jesus to be sacrificed as the price of forgiving humanity’s sins; and his Easter resurrection completes the mission by granting believers everlasting life. But Unitarian Universalism professes universal salvation – that all souls are ultimately reconciled to the Divine. Theological conjectures aside, earthly forgiveness is so essential to people’s well-being that, figuratively speaking, it can resurrect the dead and renew life. Come explore the central spiritual topic of forgiveness in a way that benefits ourselves and others in the here and now.

Sunday, April 24 – 11 a.m. – Social Action Sunday

Join us for another day of service as our prayer, as we partner with another nonprofit to help further its work and mission out in our community. This fourth Sunday Social Action initiative is a way for us to step further into sacred service, right relationship with those who exist at the margins within our beloved community, and to more deeply embody the principles we hold as Unitarian Universalists. More details will be announced soon.