Sunday Services

Sunday, May 5 – 9 and 11 a.m. – Lifting Our Spirits with Song

Elisabeth Harrington and the Choir in collaboration with the Children’s Choir, and musicians from the congregation will be featured in this service, which will lift our spirits with song.

Sunday, May 12 – 9 and 11 a.m. – Women and Faith – Amy Day, Ruth Broderick and Ann King

Amy Day, Ruth Broderick and Ann King will each discuss their own faith and how they talk, and have talked, with their children and grandchildren about it. To stand in the presence of life with those we love and talk about what is valuable and precious to us is a real gift. Come and open your heart to these riches and contemplate how you talk to those you love about your faith.

Sunday, May 19 – 9 and 11 a.m. – Driving Climate Change from Debate to Action – Dr. Shahir Masri & Athina Simolaris

Knowing of the existence and dangers of climate change is not enough for us, or even the scientists who have studied its impacts. What do we do? How do we move the public from denial to action?

Dr. Shahir Masri, an air pollution scientist at UC Irvine and author of “Beyond Debate,” decided to invite Athina Simolaris, an educator, to take a year to go “On the Road for Climate Action.” For the past 11 weeks they have traveled through 35 states speaking directly to the public in schools, at city council meetings and to community groups, surveying communities, and interviewing those most affected by climate change. They will share the climate action/solutions, which they have seen, and what they have learned about moving from debate to action.

Starting May 26 there will be one service only at 10 a.m.

Sunday, 26 – 10 a.m. – People Worth Remembering – the Rev. Bryan Jessup & Fred Maize

In this Memorial Day service, the Rev. Bryan Jessup and Fred Maize will lead the congregation in thinking about people from the past who we find inspirational. Fred Maize will talk about his great-grandmother from Russia, who was saved from death by a Hasidic Jewish community and some of the ways the Hasidim have served their own culture and the world around them.

Rev. Jessup will then invite people from the congregation to delve into their own memories of the people who have had powerful, positive impact on their lives.