Sunday Services

Sunday, May 2 – 11 a.m. – The Queen of Months Transforms – The Rev. Jamal Tharp

Every human has the absolute, inherent right to reach out, without holding back, toward that which one cares about more than anything. Whether a person describes the recipient as God, Goddess, Allah, the Great Mystery, a profound sense of indestructible love, or a dream of a kinder world, it is in the act of offering one’s heart, in sharing one’s experiences and life stories with others that something in us is transformed. The Queen of Months, Ramadan invites humanity to go beyond limited thinking to imagine humanity’s transformation to wholeness.

Sunday, May 9 – 11 a.m. – Mother’s Day of Peace – Lezley Troxell and Debi Cooper

When Julia Ward Howe urged women across the world to join her cause of peace-building she had no idea her cries to, “Disarm!” would eventually lead to a day for celebrating Mothers worldwide. This Mother’s Day join Lezley and Debi as they honor mothers and non-mothers alike, explore what it means to be a nurturer, and learn why Black Mamas Matter.

Sunday May 16 – 11 a.m. – Milestones on a Spiritual Journey – Berti Welty

While a few Unitarian Universalists were raised as UUs, most have found their way to this non-creedal spiritual congregation from various religious or secular backgrounds. Today a few members will share personal stories of childhood experiences and how and why they became Unitarian Universalists. Emphasis will be placed on moments of transition in perspective and understanding. Unitarian Universalists not only come from varied backgrounds, their current beliefs widely vary. That is why atheists, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Muslim, agnostics, etc., are all welcome and embraced.

Sunday, May 23 – 11 a.m. – May the muse be with you – Pat McCutcheon

The Fellowship’s Friday Poets have met since National Poetry Month 2020 to talk about others’ poems and to share their own. Now with 12 participants, they have grown as poets and as friends and have overcome some of the Covid blues by writing together. Their words invite us to not only embrace life, love and beauty, but also to explore our personal histories. This past year, to quote Amanda Gorman, “even as we grieved we grew.”

Sunday, May 30 – 11 a.m. – Ministry History and Mystery – Amy Day and Bonnie MacGregor

HUUF has a rich history of lay leadership. Before there was ever a person in the official seat of “minister,” it was a task taken on by the collective, and this has happened time and again through the years. Everything from pastoral care to managing our resources to proclaiming wisdom at the pulpit, we have held those spaces with what gifts we have to give.

As we tentatively exit the isolation of Covid, and we eagerly await the coming of the Rev Farriday, we sit inside the question: What is our ministry in this time? Together, we’ll mine stories of the past for insight and inspiration and craft a vision of what can be when not just one person steps into the powerful work of ministry, but many.