Sunday Services

Sunday, Sept 5 – 11 a.m. – Labor Day: A Bygone Day of Rest – Amy Day, Scarlett Trippsmith, Bonnie MacGregor

During this past year and half of uncertainty, we have seen many alarming inequities and dichotomies within our culture concerning work and the workplace. There is an expectation – even a requirement – to be constantly producing even though or because we are in the middle of a Global pandemic. Do we ever just stop to truly rest? Are we really living if work is the means and the end?

We will hear three perspectives from Scarlett Trippsmith, Amy Day, and Bonnie MacGregor of how work has changed in their lifetimes and how we, as a culture, might benefit from a change in perspective on rest.

Sunday, Sept. 12 – 11 a.m. – Choose to Bless the World – Rev. Peter Farriday

Many of you already know that September’s Soul Matters topic is “Embracing Possibility.” I can’t imagine a more fitting theme as we begin our shared ministry. On our first Sunday together, Rev. Farriday will reflect on aspects of this, including how we might embrace UU minister Rebecca Parker’s invitation to “Choose to Bless the World” in the most powerful ways possible.

This Ingathering Sunday customarily includes a “Gathering of the Waters” ritual. Because the pandemic is still with us, in lieu of individual water-sharing, the service leaders will instead blend local waters on everyone’s behalf – waters that flow together to nourish our lives and our Fellowship.

Sunday, Sept. 19 – 11 a.m. – Possibilities Within Limits – Amy Day, Scarlett Trippsmith, Ann Kilby

During these times of constant transition, sometimes the path ahead seems obscure. What possibilities might we find ahead? What obstacles might we encounter? We come to contemplate these questions again and again throughout our lifetimes, arriving at different answers each time. This interactive service will offer us an encounter with the question: What are the possibilities within limits in your life currently?

Sunday, Sept. 26 – 11 a.m. – The Door is Round and Open – Rev. Peter Farriday

No one speaks to “Embracing Possibility” quite like the great Sufi mystical poet, Rumi. Four days short of the 814th anniversary of his birth (commonly thought to be Sept. 30, 1207) Rev. Farriday will explore Rumi’s wisdom and his lyrical yet profound calls to realize and express our spiritual essence.