Heartbreak and Joy: Struggling to make change and what we all can do

In a world that’s becoming more challenging and heartbreaking, action is an antidote to despair. Corazon started her activism journey very young. From meeting revolutionaries in South America at fifteen years old, to building takeovers in NYC, to humanitarian intervention work in her 30’s, putting her body in between when Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian families. Come hear about the mistakes, pain and deep joy of struggling to make change. And gain ideas and visions of what we all can do. Because history isn’t made by special people. Hard times call forth what’s special in each of us, if we open our hearts enough and take even one step towards it. Followed by a Q and A. Bring your questions and visions.
Please Note: This service will not include a Story for All Ages section. Children will have their own separate classroom space for the duration of this service.

Join us in-person or on Zoom