Lunasa, Lughnasa, Lughnasadh

Many names and cultures are associated with Lunasa, the first of several harvest festivals. This earth-centered/pagan festival gives thanks for the first harvest, when summer vegetables overflow baskets and flowers are plentiful. The community will come  together to honor the gods, goddesses and/or forces of nature that sustain life. This year we also celebrate re-emerging from a year of Covid isolation. This service will be a pagan ritual of story, songs and drumming. It will be held on the patio with singing and chanting, Also available on zoom


 August 1st , 2020 @ 11:00 am 

Gathering Music:     Ancient Mother. By Robert Gass  

Welcoming Words  – Berti Welty

Chalice Lighting & Aspiration

Song: “When You Plant Your Seeds” Sue Silverstream

Calling in the directions

Story for all Ages – “ The Sun King” by Starhawk / Reclaiming

Joys, Sorrows & Celebrations 

Silent meditation

Offertory  –   “Lammas” by Lisa Thiel 

Lunasa / Lammas Homily – Berti Welty

“Lughgnasadh” –  Pat McCutcheon 

Celebrating the Harvest / Breaking Bread

Ritual explained Berti Welty

Music – “Harvest Chant”  Starhawk 

Bread passed out to congregants

Ritual Feast – all partake together – 

Song “Never Forget to Give Thanks” by unknown

Unison Reading / Benediction by Suzanne Moore.  

Dismiss Directions  

Closing Words:  Berti and Congregation      … “from the earth”….

Closing Song “May the circle Be Open, Yet Unbroken…….