Speaker: Berti Welty

Changes in our Religious Perspectives

Because of the feedback received in our Future of Worship summer series, the Worship Leaders have decided that on the first Sunday of each month we will have discussions among the attendees designed to share the wisdom in each of us. This morning’s Wisdom Sharing discussion … read more.

Outreach possibilities

April Sousa of the Church of the Joyful Healer will share with the Fellowship community what that church is, its core beliefs, outreach ministries and, more specifically, its Saturday Gathering for the unhoused.

Join us in person (no sign up needed)


Join … read more.

Ministerial Possibilities


This service will focus on the various types of ministries within the Unitarian Universalist Association as well as the trends in ministry. Our congregation will be determining what type of ministry best aligns with who we are, our goals and aspirations. This will help the Fellowship … read more.