Speaker: Berti Welty

Entering the Stillness

Through song, guided meditation and contemplation, participants will be encouraged to look deep within to discover what wants to be born in their lives. Through all the tribulations we face, join us for a journey of self-discovery. Say “yes” to life.

Solstice: Returning to Ritual

Learn to pause and incorporate ritual in our daily lives. We will be using earth-centered practices to release negative energies from our body, mind and spirit. An uplifting drum circle will conclude the service.

Miraculous Births from Around the World

We all know the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth. However, his is not the only story of a miraculous birth. Join us as we explore the birth stories of Buddha (Siddhartha), Confucius and several others.


Chalica is a unique Unitarian Universalist holiday that celebrates our guiding principles. During this seven-day holiday we light a candle each day for one of our principles, discuss and/or ponder its meaning and do some action to live out that principle. Come experience how each … read more.