Music as Healer

Grace’s particular medium is music, specifically congregational song. “When we are worn down, even worried sick, sometimes music can bring healing. Even lift us to joy,” she says. And so, for this service, she invites singers and non-singers alike to join in.

Grace cites this quote from Rev. Ian Riddell for her inspiration. “We have the option of choosing how we will respond. Will we answer hate with hate, or will we choose love? Will we close ourselves off, or will we reach out to our neighbor in hope and love? Reach out, friends. Greet each other in kindness and love even when (especially when) you disagree. Speak and act and sing and write against hatred and violence. That’s the start of how we’ll empower ourselves and our communities to build a world worthy of our children and grandchildren.”

A resident of Maine, Grace winters in Southern California through the love of family. She is retired from several careers, music being one of them. She has served as a resource person for our hymnal, “Singing the Living Tradition,” and, along with Suzanne Moore, she was one of the originators of the San Diego UU’s Yule celebration, begun in 1996 and still celebrated there each Winter Solstice.