Staying the Course: Finding Resource to Remain Present and Responsive in Our Unprecedented World

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We are being called to deepen our stamina, to both live in the ongoing uncertainties and engage in the transformative conversations necessary in these times. As we live in relationship with this moment, and commit to
making the world a better place, we can find the resource and capacity to stay present, connected and engaged. This exploration is a practice. As we engage the practice, we become part of an organic emergence, a living
responsiveness to the world as it touches and transforms us all. Lama Choyang is a Tibetan Buddhist teacher. She was a hospice chaplain for many years and currently teaches dharma; in Arcata she offers grief counseling, spiritual mentoring and end-of-life support, currently via Zoom. She also offers guidance in finding the resource to stay present and open – both in meditation practice and in difficult conversation. She is currently bringing her practice to the work of dissolving white supremacy culture.