The Times They Are A-Changin

In this service, HUUF minister emeritus, the Rev. Bryan Jessup will return to our pulpit for the first time since his retirement in 2019. He will share with us some stories about how life has changed for his wife Edie and him since they moved to Oregon and he will talk with us about living on the earth in this time of tremendous change. Our environment is in danger. The war-like ways of our country and all the big powers in the world have us in a very precarious place. The fabric of our relationships with one another as citizens of the United States is strained. Even the dynamics of our own religious association, the UUA, are causing us stress as we come to terms with the limitations of our past ways of being. How do we live with all this change? Whether we’re ready or not, we are called to answer that question with our very lives. And, ready or not, we do answer.

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