Transition Looks and Feels Like This

Change is the ground of our experience, from monumental climate change to the intimate loss of loved ones and the truth that each of us will draw our last breath. Lama Choyang (Allison Rader) will talk about change, the unknown, trust, transformation, and a commitment to presence as we live into the uncertainties of life in these bodies and in our precious world.

Lama Choyang is a 30-year teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She spent almost all of the last five years working as a chaplain with Hospice of Humboldt and resigned recently to spend several months in retreat. She is on the edge of a new moment in her life, looking forward to weaving spiritual support and end-of-life care with meditation teachings, retreats and programs. She is open to the arising of not-yet-known opportunities to serve and to learn.