The Weekly 10/28/2022

“Living here on Earth, we breathe the rhythms of a universe that extends infinitely above us. When resonant harmonies arise between this vast outer cosmos and the inner human cosmos, poetry is born.”   

~  Daisaku Ikeda



  • Lifespan Religious Exploration
  • Sunday Services & Fellowship Engagements
  • Climate Action Campaign
  • Caring Connection
  • Fellowship Happenings
  • Happy Halloween! A poem for Samhain
  • Staff Office Hours

Lifespan Religious Exploration

Tickets available at the door!

Join the Fun on October 29!

Two showings- 5pm or 6pm
Gather ‘Round
Halloween Harvest Festival

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Mindful Mondays 
A separate space for youth”  in the Fellowship Care Building
Beginning November 7, 5:30-6:45pm
Join youth and mindfulness expert, Jessa, who will offer a separate space for kids ages 5-11 to move, play, craft, sing, and find ways to deepen their connection to themselves, their bodies, to nature, and one another. Ideal for any parent or caregiver participating in yoga in the Sanctuary but needing childcare to do so. For both, donations are gratefully accepted, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
To sign up or for more information, contact Amy at





Sunday Services & Fellowship Engagements 

 Explorations in Poetry 
Sunday, October 30th

on ZOOM only 
*No in person service this week *Join Worship Leader : 
Pat McCutcheon 
 ~ Featuring the HUUF Friday Poets 
Come, come whoever you are for the Fellowship Poets are back again with new poems from the heart. We, the HUUF Ten, continue to delight in our weekly poetry explorations that began in April 2020. Join us on Zoom  Sunday morning, October 30th, to snap your fingers in appreciation.
 Join us on ZOOM_______________________________________________________________________________________

 Changes in our Religious Perspectives 
Sunday, November 6th
11:00am – In Person and on Zoom
with Worship Leader : Berti WeltyBecause of the feedback received in our Future of Worship summer series, the Worship Leaders have decided that on the first Sunday of each month we will have discussions among the attendees designed to share the wisdom in each of us. This morning’s Wisdom Sharing discussion service will focus on this question: How have your personal beliefs and understanding of religion and/or spirituality changed during your life’s journey? After the introductory portions of the service, small groups will be formed, both in person and online.


✨   Toning Our Temple Yoga  ✨
No Class on Monday 10/31
Join  Jamie for Sunset Yoga on Monday 11/7
from 5:30-6:45 pm, at the Fellowship  


Click HERE to access all Fellowship Engagement listings


Climate Action Campaign


The UUA designated October 23 this year as UN Sunday when the UUA makes a pitch to congregations to support the work of the UU@UN office to promote UU values at the UN.  
If you’d like to contribute to our annual support please mail your check to HUUF – PO Box 506, Bayside CA 95524 – include UU@UN in the memo line


CAC is a sponsor with 350 Humboldt and other local groups for an upcoming  Zoom presentation by Dr. Kevin Fingerman

Join us Monday, November 7, at 7pm for

Dr. Fingerman will speak on efforts that target agricultural sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and the emerging problem at the nexus of California climate policy, agriculture, and environmental justice.
He will discuss some potential approaches to addressing the problem, including the installation of biodigesters that convert organic wastes to biogas.
RSVP/ SIGN UP AT:  to receive the zoom link.

For some background on this talk, listen to Dr. Wendy Ring’s episode on her syndicated radio program, Cool Solutions:  “Got Methane?”

Caring Connection

 A Celebration Of Life service will be held at 2 PM on Sunday November 6, 2022 in the HUUF sanctuary for David Acton Lewis, beloved husband of long time member Beverly Morgan Lewis.   All friends and members are invited to attend.

Our beloved Kate McClain is preparing for surgery. After many years of immobility and pain she will finally be getting the long needed work done on her shoulder. Recovery post surgery can be lengthy. While the healing process takes place and normal movement is slowly gained, can You help with a few meals?
Sign up on the MealTrain site HERE:


Fellowship Happenings

  • Sunday Service on October 30 is Zoom Only: To honor and accommodate the Covid safety comfort level of the Poet’s group participants, the 10/30 Explorations in Poetry Service will not be offered in person- There will be no gathering at HUUF that dayPlease join us on Zoom.
  • Beware the hackers!: It’s happened again, AND AGAIN! I’ve been notified of two different scam attempts that are currently circulation. One that claims to be from “Reverend Emeritus Bryan Jessup (” and one that claims to be from Board President, Debi Cooper. Both are asking for help with purchasing gift cards. These emails are designed to fool you, so please beware. If you happen to receive a request that looks out of the norm – Do not open it – Do not reply  ** Any official email from HUUF will have an email address ending in
  • The November edition of the HUUF Newsletter is available online! Check it out HERE:


a poem by: Chanticleer
The drums of Samhain keeping time.
The gates of magic open wide.
A cauldron’s blessings overflow.The candle flames are dying low.

The witches dance the circle ’round
to chant and bring the power down.

Hecate will hear our call
to turn the summer into fall.

The magic veil is growing thin.

The Netherworld is near our own.

We’ll see the sacred fire fed
while witches commune with the dead.

The winds of Autumn call our names.

The driving rhythm slowly calms.

The glowing embers we will tend
until the drums of Samhain end.


Staff Contacts

OFFICE – Congregational Administrator, Bridgette Garuti, on campus: 9:30-4:00 Monday-Wednesday, available by email only on Thursdays.

DLRE – Amy Day, on campus: Tuesday and Thursday on vacation during the month of July

TECH – Anna Bressers,  available by email