“The moral arc of the universe doesn’t bend toward justice by gravity.”

                                                                           Dr. Charlie Clements


A key phrase of the Aspiration we reaffirm each Sunday at the Fellowship reads “May service be our prayer.” The Social Action Committee keeps abreast of conditions and problems affecting human justice and helps the Fellowship live up to our Aspiration.

Unitarian Universalism has been described as having a spiritual center and a civic circumference. Our conviction that each individual is worthy and all are connected serves as a call upon us to grow our hearts and engage with needs greater than our own. At our best, we work together to create the world we would be proud to leave to our children, grandchildren and their children.

In keeping with our committment to social justice and the inherent worth and dignity of all people, Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship declares its support for the Unitarian Universalist Declaration of Conscience and the New Sanctuary Movement

Look to the work of the Social Action Committee to see how you might get involved!