Link to the Grant Proposal Application : Application Endowment Grants 2023 v1

Endowment Fund Small Grants Program
2023 Small Grants Proposal Application


The Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has established an Endowment Fund to fund capital needs and special projects that further the mission of the Fellowship.   The Endowment is governed by an Endowment Committee, which serves as the custodian of the assets of the fund and is guided by the Endowment Fund Document which provides for the protection of the principal of the Endowment and requires the Committee to exercise the utmost care in respecting the integrity of gifts to the Endowment.  

The Endowment Committee is now accepting requests for ‘small grants’ for purposes that align with UU principles and reflect the mission/purpose of our Fellowship. The amount that will be available in this annual funding cycle is $6,700. The Committee is now accepting applications for grants from $200 to $2,000. All HUUF Committees and members are eligible to apply. 

Examples of requests that can be considered include: 

  • Buildings and grounds (improvements, not regular maintenance)
  • Religious education enhancements
  • Community service investments and actions
  • Member leadership development
  • Conference attendance and workshops

*Note that requests should not be used for annual operating budget expenses.


Application Form

HUUF Endowment Fund, Small Grants: Application Endowment Grants 2023 v1

Deadline for receipt of application: March 15, 2023

Funds will be available April 1, 2023

Deadline for completion of project: December 15, 2023

For further information contact: Cynthia Chason 707-601-6136,


  1. Name of HUUF member or committee submitting this small grants application.
  2. Reason for requesting funding: briefly state what you intend to accomplish with this small grant (statement of your objective).   
  3.  Amount of funding requested (from $200 – $2,000) and a simple, realistic, itemized budget for how this amount will be used. 
  4. Why is this action or project needed? (Please explain in no more than one paragraph)
  5. Briefly describe your step-by-step plan, with anticipated timelines in a schedule, for accomplishing your stated objective by the project deadline of 12/15/23. (Please be concise – no more than one page)
  6. Please comment on how your request aligns with a) one or more of our UU principles and/or b) the Purpose (as expressed in 2017) of our Fellowship.
  7. What will be the result of this action or project that will show that it has been a success?
  8. Include contact information for the person who will be responsible for accounting for the funds received and for writing a brief one-page final report due by December 15, 2023. 

Not completing this final report could disqualify the grantee from future grants.  The final report should clearly state the results stated in step 7 and indicate the success of the project.  

*Note: Unspent grant funds must be returned to the Endowment Fund at the end of the year and may not be rolled over into succeeding years.