HUUF Weekly – February 26, 2021

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.”
~ Abraham Lincoln


~ A Call to Connection ~


    • Reflection- A poem by HUUF member, Diane Dickson 
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  • To the Beloved Community,
    Saying Their Names
    ~ by Diane Dickson
Ruby Bridges
a small clear center

inside the storm.
Rosa Parks
quietly defiant
lighting the match.
Angela Davis
raising the fist
summoning the world.


Join us – Sundays from 10:15-10:45

All ages Gatherings in March 

  • March 7th – Saying “YES”.  Connecting to what we’re passionate about.
  • March 14th – (Psst!  Make sure to set your clocks forward an hour.) Taking CARE.  Looking at the practices that nourish us.
  • March 21st – PLAY! Come explore Mindful, Joyful Movement with guest teacher Jessalyn Ducchi.
  • March 28th – Sing-Along Sunday

For the month of March, we’ll be exploring the theme of COMMITMENT. 
(Here’s the latest Soulful Home packet, in case you want to leaf through it with your own sweet family.) 

For our Teens:
Our virtual Teen Group meets every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month, from 5-6 pm. In addition, our Teen Coordinator, Scarlett Trippsmith, holds open (virtual) Office Hours, every Tuesday & Thursday from 3-6, as a way of inviting you into a supportive virtual atmosphere where our conversations can be confidential, candid, and nourishing to the spirit. 

These can be accessed by clicking the Zoom link below:


HUUF Zoom Opportunities for Connection & Conversation


YOGA Continues!

Yoga for Strength and Resilience – with Laurie Birdsong

Thursdays, 9:30-10:45, Mar. 5 – Apr. 29

This free, and deeply therapeutic class is made available through our Adult RE program.  Please, join us for:

A gentle Hatha practice for building  balance, flexibility and vitality. Includes pranayama (breath practice) and meditation as tools for self care and compassion. All levels welcome, no experience necessary. Modifications provided.

If you can, please bring to class…

  • a pillow or bolster to sit on
  • a scarf or strap for balance postures
  • a lightweight chair or access to a wall for support

Laurie Birdsong has been practicing Yoga for 20+ years and teaching for 6 years.  She offers a welcoming atmosphere for self  inquiry  and  exploration.  Feel free to contact her for more information or if you have specific questions or concerns:


 Single Payer Healthcare 

Why We Need Medicare for All
Join presenters Corinne Frugoni, MD and Patty Harvey via zoom for this informational session
 March 12, 5:30- 6:30 PM 
The disproportionate effect of the current pandemic crisis on marginalized populations underscores more than ever the need for universal health care for all. This presentation will address how Covid-19 has exposed greater health disparities and inequities; what single payer means for all of us; and the various options being proposed by the Biden Administration. There will be time for Q&A followed by a review of a petition to urge Governor Newsom to request the Biden Administration to allow federal dollars used for health care in our state (Medicare, MediCal, Affordable Care Act, etc.) to fund a non-profit, Single Payer Healthcare Program for all residents in California. 
CLICK HERE to access ALL Engagement Links & Descriptions -ongoing & new


CAC Seeks Your Help with Survey on Climate Action 

Participate in an all Fellowship survey! CAC is seeking data on what and how much we as individuals or families are doing to reduce our carbon footprints. How much faith inspired climate action we are already doing in our Fellowship community? The information will help us learn from each other about new climate action ideas, and provide motivation for us to not only continue with the efforts we are already doing to reduce fossil fuel consumption, but also encourage us to  see if we can do better. 
Submissions are due by March 15. 

* Anyone who has not responded to the online survey by March 15 will receive a hard copy soon via USPS with return postage provided.

— CAC will tally the results and report back to the congregation 

A Challenge from CAC to YOU YOU for Earth Month

Relative to climate actions, for Earth month in April, CAC challenges each member unit to add one new effort that you are not already doing to “reduce, reuse, recycle”.  It doesn’t have to be big. It could be, for example,  sending a greeting card unsigned so it can be recycled; reusing an envelope or making one from paper printed on one side; or cooking an entire meal in the same heated oven. Decide now on a new action that you can do to protect Earth for the month of April, and let us know on the survey what you are planning to do. We will tally responses and report back to you.


Intergenerational Spring Seminar – April 9-11, 2021, Online
REGISTRATION OPEN NOW!Registration for the 2021 Virtual Intergenerational Seminar.
The theme this year is  “All In for Climate Justice: Food Equity and Sustainability”.
This dynamic event will take place (online) Friday, April 9, 2021 – Sunday, April 11, 2021.
Programs will ground, connect, and equip participants to take action toward achieving climate justice through more equitable and sustainable food systems.
Registration is open through March 18, 2021.Find out more or register HERE

Two scholarships from the CAC are available for two people, with preference given to youth, who wish to attend. For more info, please contact Sue Mossman. 


There’s a wealth of opportunities available for teens right now who are passionate about Climate Justice.  
Everything from a video challenge to a trip to Italy!  


Did YOU grow up UU?
YRUU is developing a documentary to share the stories of those who experienced growing up as Young Religious Unitarian Universalists.

Contribute your story.
We are looking for people who want to share their experience. There are many ways you can be a part of this process.



UU Class Conversations is calling for submissions for a new anthology of original material that focuses on social class inclusion and the dismantling of classism. Send us your meditations, chalice lightings, rituals or readings for Meditations on Class!

This anthology will include writings that can be used by individuals, small groups, families and congregations. These spiritual expressions will support the sacred work of social class inclusion in congregations and communities. Our hope is to create a resource of spiritual nourishment to help Unitarian Universalists make justice real.
 Submit your writing  or visit our website for more detailed information. 
The submission deadline is April 15.


~ Virtual Green Sheet ~

  • HUUF Newsletter for March: Is now posted online! – Access it HERESubmissions for the April Newsletter are due by March 20.
  • COMING UP – Join Us: March 7th at 11:00 AM  for next Sunday’s Service: Saying Yes and Saying No Heather Vickery will present a centering and discernment practice designed for anyone working for justice who needs help setting boundaries around what they can and cannot manage. We will begin to connect to what our hearts and values – as individuals and as a community – most strongly call us to do for justice. Heather is the coordinator for Congregational Activism for the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice and the UU Service Committee. *Zoom links for Sunday Services are now being posted on our website
  • Women & Religion PCD VIRTUAL Retreat: via Zoom – Saturday, March 13,  8:30 am – 8 pm. Theme: HANGING IN, HANGING ON. Registration will be open until March 1st. To register, click on the Google form here. Registration is $25. To be added to the retreat email list, send a blank email to: Also check out our Facebook page:



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