Exploring the Purpose of HUUF

What do the words “to nurture … to embody … and to empower …” really mean? In what ways has this purpose been a transformative agent? How is this a spiritual practice? HUUF member Berti Welty will facilitate a presentation on this Fellowship’s purpose and Bonnie MacGregor will discuss how this stated purpose can ground us on our spiritual path and align us with who we long to be in community.

Individual members will also share their personal reflections on ways in which this Fellowship has enabled them to grow as individuals and as members of the larger society. This growth may express itself in a multitude of ways including self-confidence, spiritual depth, interpersonal awareness, and effective social action.

 Exploring the Purpose of HUUF

June 6th, 2021 @ 11 am 

Gathering Music ~ “June ~ Barcarolle” The Seasons, Tchaikovsky – Annette Gurnee Hull

Welcome to HUUF & Zoom Etiquette – Scarlett Trippsmith 

Welcome, Bell, Chalice Lighting  & Aspiration – Berti Welty 

Opening Hymn ~“Come, Come Whoever You Are” sung by the  HUUF Choir. 

Joy & Sorrows Moment of Silence – Berti Welty 

Background of Purpose – Bonnie MacGregor

Building a New Way, Singing the Journey #1017 by Martha Sadefer

Our Purpose in Action –  Berti Welty 

Montana Caouette

Nancy Engel

Offertory Intro –  Berti  Welty

Offertory ~ ”Morning Prayer” Album for the Young, Tchaikovsky – Annette Gurnee Hull 

Rebekah Paez

Cassie Brilbeck

Closing Hymn~ “We Are” by Dr. Ysaÿe Barnwell & UUA General Assembly 2020 virtual choir. 

Closing Words ~ “One LoveRev. Hope Johnson,  Voices from the Margins –  Berti Welty 

“Go Now in Peace”