Love’s Labor: Women’s History Here and Now

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Now more than ever, the conflict between an economic system powered by paid labor outside the home, and the necessity of caring for beloved children and elders, is played out in the hearts, minds and bodies of women who find themselves caught between disparate and conflicting worlds.

Women in the Fellowship, like women everywhere this past year, have been making history as they face this dilemma head on. Such a superhuman effort deserves appreciation, so join us for a celebration of the inestimable worth of the women whose care inside our homes and in services essential to our common lives – love’s labor – will be lifted up, praised and rallied behind.

Since retiring from ministry at HUUF, teaching religious studies at HSU, and offering yoga philosophy/spirituality to yoga teachers in training, Karen Harris has been sharing life on her small permaculture farm with friends and fellow seekers of the wisdom of nature.